Sunday, March 28, 2010

To Spit Or Not To Spit!

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It seems that congressman Cleaver was telling the truth about getting spit upon by a protester. Now lets see if my good friend Darla Jaye and Fox News and the teabaggers keeps their word about apologizing and the cash reward for proof. She inferred that he was lying. I am sure now that she is a woman of her word that she will. Personally I would have smacked the dog piss out of that piece of crap. I don't care about what your views are whether you are liberal or conservative or green or racist(there can be health reasons afoot) no one and I repeat no one deserves to spit upon or have pies thrown at them or any stupid thing like that and if you engage in that kind of behavior then you are a thug and a common trash and should and will be treated as such. I would not have had the same reaction as the congressman that all I can say! I am sure that this dummy is not representative of all teabaggers but these people need to shut these people out. Although they are wrong about the new health care measure that idiot deserved an ass whipping pronto for that physical assault.

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