Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nice Quote !

"I met my first real life tea-bagger this weekend. He said we're losing all our freedoms, but couldn't name any specifics.
I think he musta really meant "The Freedom to be governed by a white man"."
- WSX blog reader telling the truth about those nutty racist teabaggers.


Anonymous said...

I remember hearing many progressives saying that they were losing their freedoms under Bush but it seems that Obama is carrying on where Bush left off but now the hypocrite progressives are silent.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you denounce this jive shuffle bug hypocrite...oh wait...progressives can't call out people of color...that would be rude:


Anonymous said...

I was talking to a hardcore Obama supporter the other day and all he could talk about was being oppressed for over 430 years. Trying to talk to such people is a real challenge. In most cases they don't have a clue as to what they think they believe is factual or not. They just FEEL that what they believe is real.


During her confirmation hearing last week, Elena Kagan, the nominee for solicitor general, said that someone suspected of helping finance Al Qaeda should be subject to battlefield law — indefinite detention without a trial — even if he were captured in a place like the Philippines rather than in a physical battle zone.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that most of the tea baggers can at least read:


Anonymous said...

This guy is great: