Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny Quote!

"Now heres where i love what just happened.....YES!!! it passed and now you ignorant liberal dooooooooshbags!! are going to pay for it come the next 8 years worth of elections, maybe more. Hence the supreme coourts will change if it all pans out...OH YEH!!! BABAY!!!"-BigDog proving once AGAIN that he can't spell and that Glen Beck is not the only silly ass hat out there on the political landscape.


Anonymous said...

Anthony proving once again his selective reading skills is way below liberal standards. Yet somehow he still loves to talk about grammer skills....LMFAO!!!!


You see you are a pussy tony, you are a scared lil liberal. A real man with real intellect would have addressed my real concerns. Your uncaged support for the destruction of the private sector is alarming. You ignored what else i wrote. YOu responded to a jester like comment within my original post. Typical response from someone who hasnt a clue that this dumbfuck president is ruining the private sector and not upholding the constitution.

See folks Anthony cant handle the real issues about Obama care and his legacy, inclusive those to follow. Instead he will back up the first and last black president, even if he fails miserably. See folks what anthony wont admit to is if Obama fails so does anyone else who is black and wants to be president.

Is that the real issue? if (that nigger)...your words not mine)fail, the door may shut on any other black wana-be president?

MAN UP and answer my bullet points in my pevious post instead of addessing some backhanded jesting at you liberal idiots.

BTW you are not worth the time to look up or use spell check. Yet somehow you can still read and comprehend my posts. Strange indeed!!

BIGDOG way up in them guts!!!

Anthony said...

First of all you bigot.Anyone can read your idiot postings in all its glory ok! I only use the stupidest portion to make fun of you. Second I never referred to Obama as that "Nigger" unless I was quoting someone else or someone like yourself. Thirdly.Your suppositions are the most dumbest and ignorant I have ever read. You obviously do not have a firm grasp on anything except in the Fox News perspective. I will not respond to the nasty names you called me because well I think because of your feeble intellect you really can't help it. But if you want to write me,YOU WILL spell somewhat correctly and refrain from using racist jargon and being stupid or I will just erase your comments immediately without reading them. You need to behave like a man and not some bigoted tea bagging dumbass. For some reason you think that what you write is important enough for me to respond too.It's NOT!You are so one sided that no matter what I say you will say its liberal and that's pretty much what your are all about. You choose to take the racial low road and never address the fact if your side is so great then how come the country is in the bad shape its in after Bush and if your values work so well? Matter of fact where are your views working elsewhere in the world? I will end this by saying please stand up like a man. I do not like responding to a little boy using the sexual slang of a thirteen year old. Man up not bitch up.!

Marcus said...

BigDog (aka LilPuss, aka False Witness) is incapable of fulfilling your request, Anthony. His lord and god blessed him with the mind of a child and he refuses to take responsibility and educate himself because everything he needs to know he just asks his heart to answer. Unfortunately, he is lacking in that department, as well. I would keep him relegated to the corner with his dunce hat, the rest of the class knows his antics are to be ignored because laughing at him only seems to worsen his behavior.

Anonymous said...

IN your post you used the term (that Nigger) in response to the night obama wanted to address the children of the united states.

Once again i have shown how you lie and cheat.

You still havent answered my bullet points and why you back Obama care and this administration. So in like mannor with your (that nigger) post i went off on a tagent demonstrating your bigotry. How is it you have seen it in my post but not in yours? HAHAHAHA!! truely you have intellect issues and there is no truth in you and because you cant man up you are of feeble mind (pussy).

You are a coward and an intellectual pussy and i stand by my aqusation, based upon you not engaging my bullets points. Instead its all about my grammer and you called me a bad name. Fucking BOOOOHOOOO!! bitch boy.

Oh and Marcus enjoy growing weed with your flashlight!!! Arm tired yet?? HAHAHAHA!!! your ass got owned pussboy!!


Oh, and Anthony the evil genius supports the destruction of the private sector and a president who doesnt uphold the constitution!!!

Least we forget he listens to the same radio shows he deems for the idiots and ignorant. I bet he is a huge fan of Glenn Beck also....LOL

Marcus said...

See what I mean? He clearly made the racist comment yet he blames you. He clearly insinuated on my blog that ANY light can grow plants and yet he says I'm the one that said it. It isn't even funny anymore.

john said...

Gee I'm kina missing something here. POTUS is destroying the private sector? Really? Really?.

Putting consumer protections on Wall Street, HealthCare, and Stocktrading isn't what I call a attack on the private sector. We had regulations that protected consumers up till the 1980's. Deregulation was the call during the Reagan years. The next three POTUS"s continued that practice until we have come to this time.

THe HealthCare bill isn't SOCIALIZED medicine!!! Let's get a grip. It has regulatory language that if monitored will protect the consumer. There is NO PUBLIC OPTION!!!. POTUS has included suggestions that Republicans wanted now are against with the bill now becoming law.

Please someone explain to me how the President is destroying the private sector?? Please explain how he isn't upholding the constitution??