Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leave Toyota Alone.

I am not buying this lie and I am so tired of everyone jumping on Toyota over this silly issue. Americans are such crybabies and gullible too. Do you guys actually believe the media and the government on this? I am so not buying this lie about Toyota that these pedals are sticking. Maybe these people are just bad drivers. Remember when the media fixed those Chevy trucks to explode and blamed Chevy? Why is the government not trying to find out what happened? Remember this guy from the other day...MSNBC covered this lie ...OOps! I meant story. First in all my evilness I must say this...I really think that the folks who are trapped in a speeding Toyota THINK that they have their foot firmly planted on the brake pedal -- don't!
They have their foot firmly planted on the throttle. When it all comes to a stop,
they STILL think they had their foot firmly planted on the brake pedal.

This may be the world's most successful PR coup.Remember this one....

MSNBC played a tape of a 9-1-1 caller about his runaway Toyota.

9-1-1: What's your emergency?

Driver: My Toyota is out on control. I've been driving 90 MPH
for the last 30 minutes on the Interstate

9-1-1: Have you tried putting the car in neutral?

Driver: I, ... (sputter)...(grunts)...I ... I'm trying to control the car!!!


In a half-hour, the guy didn't think to put the car into Neutral?

Like with Iran Contra and JFK and 9-11 the government is lying to us and

I wonder why?

I have a question, how come there are no issues with the Japanese made Toyota cars ?

So it is either an issue with the construction of cars in American factories on U.S. soil or stupid, inept (and most likely overweight) American morons behind the wheel.

Interesting that Japanese-made cars aren't accelerating.

Maybe the US government should import some Japanese quality control specialists
because the US government seems unable or unwilling to identify the accelerator problem.

There's a lot of giggling going on concerning Toyota's troubles.
Since we can't beat them on the playing field, let's slime them out of business.

Or. maybe we can force Toyota to close their American plants
and import the cars from Japan that are assembled properly?


Anonymous said...

The US is turning into a 3rd World country all standards have been lowered over the years to make us all equally stupid. The US is a failed experiment. We are headed for either total breakdown and anarchy like Somalia or we will become totally communistic. The US financial situation is ruinous. Take all the money from the wealthy and confiscate all business and property only way to solve US collapse. No doubt that has been the plan the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Once the liberals under their pied and piper leader Obama legalize the tens of millions of illegals living here I look for him to be made King. There may not be an election in 2012 or if there is it won't matter because most of the newly minted citizens will vote for the Communistic Party...the Demo nuts I meant to say.

Things are going to get ugly here in the states. Obama the Disuniter..

john said...

Hey why don't you leave then?? Somewhere out in about there is a nice so-called white country that you can go to. Leave!!!!