Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Only Real Journalist left In America.

Click on title for video. Hey guys this is an interview with Mark Thiessen(R-Lying ass). This little hussy decided to cry like a bitch about not being able to talk during the interview. The truth is Stewart did not let him get away with lying rightwing talking points. So enjoy this tape and remember democrats this is how its done just list the FACTS!....That is kryptonite to these right wings drones.


Anonymous said...

John Stewart is no jouranlist. Just another Jew in the media. Surprise there. NO.

john said...

I saw the TV interview with this "boob" on The Daily Show. I know Stewart handed him his ASS!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This lays it out: NPR:

Anonymous said...

So i hear The EVIL ONE say that anyone listening to Darla Jaye and others like her are dumb. Something like they "cater to the ignorant, the idiots," something i heard you expouse on MTjustices show.

Well Mr. Penus let me ask you. How is it i keep hearing your voice on 980, the best of shows, during the weekend overnight. Calling in and expousing how your support on the school closings, for one example.

Ive heard your conversation with Shannon and Parks at one point last month also. I actually like these two. Darla not so much, but hey you are cousins...:) Oh yeh, i heard you.

You see Anthony it is you that is ignorant and an idiot and VERY VERY intellectually dishonest.I will be offering you up on MTJ show next week as i tried to get in and challenge your deceitfull rhetoric about the 980idiot thing. I mean you obviously listen more than me, i can tell you that i never called 980...well no i take that back but once and that was about the NYport and dubia thing.

I guess since you have a propincity(sp?) to deceive others with your rhetoric, its funny how you are listening to these same shows you deem for the idiots of the world, yet somehow you convict yourself of being an idiot because you think noone will hear you call in? or did you just call yourself an idiot?

Will i get a response to your deceptions? or are you afraid to post a response? Remembering you said you wont post racial stuff....thats funny, unless of course it is your racial tirades.

So i offer you an opening line to Darla Jaye as evidence. Not verbatum but close enough.

"Hi Darla this your your favorite cousin Tony" (insert fake laugh)..oh and your stupid fake laugh was not the only giveaway. Ive listened to you for years to know its you so dont deny it 'cousin Tony'.

You are a fake, cousin Tony, now be a man and post a response and try to explain your idiocy?

Just so im real clear on this.

I want to know why you are listening and participating on these shows you have deemed for the idiots and ignorant. Does this make you an idiot too?

Yet another example of the classic liberals common flaw, not allowing their rhetoric to match their convictions. That makes you a fake in my book.

Man up pussy!!! and explain yourself.


Anthony said...

Well BigDog,nice try at attempted to bully me...what an insecure man you are ..I mean look at you and how you write. You are wrong again. First of all please learn how to use spell check and learn to punctuate and capitalize and learn spacing. You undermine your views with your ignorance and misguided belief that you are in competition with me. First of all, I do not call in on weekend overnights talk shows get your facts straight. I have called in on Darla's show when it has been a good topic to discuss. Yes I call her my cousin but it is in jocularity. I like Darla and I do not agree with her most of the time. When I say idiots I mean that when she espouses the birther nonsense I believe she is not speaking to people like me. She is talking to people like YOU! You take things too seriously BigDog and you blow things out of proportion. I am sorry if you have a inferiority complex when it comes to me. Just know that you are somebody also. You are too preoccupied with me BigDog. Don't make me the center of your life. I can tell by your postings that you are jealous of me. No need to hate. Get on with your life. So notice how I was able to explain my side with out having to call you a insulting feminine pronoun. You are pathetic,
but there is hope for you. Well I have to go and I am sure you will be responding to this I mean hell... you can't help it can you?
Btw the way, here are your corrections...verbatim,penis,propensity, espouse.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get a good sense of liberal thought or lack thereof just go to Huff or should I say Hugg site where progressives or thugs espouse their views; it is all about feelings but in reality I think it is that many of them mostly white feel guilty for being white and successful; questioning their own success not based on hard work or aptitude but based on what many of them perceive as white privilege a concept that is silly to say the least but pushed by anti white groups and their mouth organs here in the states.

Could you imagine what would happen if I sneaked into Mexico or China then demanded that they write some of my heroes into their text books or tell them to sending me a voting form in my language...they would tell me to fuck off after arresting me and then deporting me.

Could you imagine what would happen if I sneaked into Mexico or China then demanded that they write some of my heroes into their text books or tell them to sending me a voting form in my language...they would tell me to fuck off after arresting me and then deporting me.
White progressives are useful idiots for a fifth column element that rose to power after WWII dethroning WASP s.

Anonymous said...


Pay close attention. I said 'the best of shows' is what i heard you on and it airs on the weekend. So you get your facts straight.Once again you are confusing yourself to be intellegent.Bad grammer on my part doesnt excuse you from saying one thing and doing another.

Your only explaination is they are not talking to people like me. You didnt make that distinction nor clearified your position as such. You still go on your usual tirade about news networks you deem for the ignorant, yet you listen to them.

See your lil secret is you dont want people to know you listen to these same shows that cater to the ignorant. I bet you are a Limbaugh fan also, just a LINO? Limbaugh in name only, hahahaha.


Now sit down and take your bitch slapping.

john said...

Check out Jon Stewart's show on
3/18/2010. He does a "spoof" on
Glen Beck and his crazy theories
about Nazi/communist takeover of
the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

John that is a funny spoof coming from Stewart: the irony: oh the irony of it all.
He got the commie part right...

john said...

Who are the communist that are trying to takeover the U.S. goverment? Don't give me Obama and people in his administration that you heard are communist. Let's try to put on our "thinking cap" on this one. Quit listening to dumbasses like Glen Beck and use a little common sense. I know this is a difficult process for some of you on this blog. You can do it. I hope!.