Sunday, March 14, 2010

See Now What Did I tell ya!

Whore ABC News admits faking Toyota video

As I stated a couple of posts ago about how the media fixed those trucks to explode. Check out this little tidbit. Click on the link in the title. Turns out that the media rigged some of these Toyota cars.

"Brian Ross' "World News" report showed him driving a Toyota with Gilbert that was rigged to quickly accelerate.

Briefly during the drive, ABC cut to a faked picture of a tachometer with the needle zooming forward. The impression ABC meant to give was that the tachometer was documenting the ride Ross was taking. Instead, that picture was
taken from a separate instance where a short-circuit was induced in a parked car.

ABC said they faked the report because it was impossible to get a good picture of the tachometer while the car was moving because the camera was shaking. The camera shot was steady when it was taken in a parked car.

"The tachometer showed the same thing every time," claimed ABC News spokesman Emily Lenzner.

Toyota spokesman John Hanson disputes that, saying tachometers react much more dramatically when short-circuits happen in a parked car than a car that is moving. Tachometers measure engine speed."

It all points to problems that are created when whore journalists try to alter reality in order to get a better picture.

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