Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anthony's Note!

I received some emails recently and it seems that this site has pissed off local talk show hosts and tea bag kooks and racists and bigots and all around dummies of the right and some on the left, they actually complained. The same people who have lied about Obama and has pushed every stupid idea from the birthers to the deathers has the nerve to be offended at my site. Btw the way I am not a racist and if you read this blog carefully and still come away with that silly notion,then you are a Limbaugh lover and Fox news watcher. Because only those people actually think that way. But as we all know I am a very sensitive person who never wants to offend anyone. So what I plan to do to rectify this situation is to say from the bottom of my heart KISS.......MY......ASS! I plan to step up the abuse and critiques of you nutcase cowards an additional 50 per cent starting right now. You bastards have your nerve..can't fight a fair fight huh? OK I am so sick of hearing about these people who lack cognitive abilities(stupid asses)lament about secession in Texas and Obama's a socialist and wants to destroy America and take away your rights but did not find not one problem with Bush. How dumb are these people? How do you fight ignorance of this magnitude....FACTS! Click on posting of the link. Now keep in mind when I say GoP I mean the neo cons(Limbaughs,Coulters,Hannity etc) not the small number of smart thinking conservatives.Look I agree with the right to protest, but come on be at least factual.

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