Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Czar

Okay folks here is my gift to Obama. I am so tired of hearing the right bitch about these Czars(which is a title they created politically since Nixon). Ok here is what I propose to Obama. We will have a new Czar that will take care of detractors from Fox news or congress or even hardcore nazi racists like bigdog, introducing the FUCK YOU CZAR.....this is the man you send out to deal with all the silly crap coming from the right...instead of Gibbs send me for example..the birth certificate...FUCK YOU...the death panels...FUCK YOU...idiots who yell out in the senate chamber...go FUCK yourself. If Palin or Bachmann says something stupid...then the FUCK YOU czar comes out and tells those silly bitches to shut up and keep being the subservient cock sockets they were destined to be on the right.When that bipolar human debris Glenn Beck even starts to open his pie hole....the FUCK YOU czar comes out and bitch smacks him like Ike hit Anna Mae. These guys have lost all credibility,also this school thing was the last nail in their coffin. These guys should be out searching for bigfoot. Hell I am gonna appoint myself the FUICK YOU Czar.

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