Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey Dems Grow Some Sack!

Why did 75 cowardly democrats vote to defund ACORN? I will tell you why,you know the repubs don't have much going for them.So this is what they have been reduced to......political witch hunts! Now ACORN has done a lot of good for poor people(now can you guess why the GOP hates them?)Now don't get me wrong ACORN screwed up when they encountered these so called conservative activists cartoonishly dressed as a hooker and pimp . Okay lets also investigate Blackwater for abuses and illegal activity and there are a host of other companies I will name them soon. So Dems show some sack and defund all the other companies like should they break the law like these has. We will see what this ACORN smokescreen is really abouit. Becuase if it poasse then that violates the Bill of Attainder law and that goes both ways.


Anonymous said...

Notice the lack of diversity in the picture; a black president; forty or so members of the black caucus, Hispanic, Jews, etc. Or take the ads for people breaking into cars always showing white guys doing the break ins.

John said...

ACORN has led voter registration drives in the inner city to get working class,the poor out to vote.
They tend to vote DEMOCRATIC!!! See a pattern???. The organization isn't perfect but they have reported self violations that have been committed when they find out about it. (FACT not mention by Fox News and the rest of the real media..)

The rightwing is gonna go after groups that try to get minorites,middle working class americans to vote and unionize. Why??? well a lot of it is class,race and voting base that most of the time vote democratic.

It's time for the Demo's to GROW A SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!