Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Here we go again, leave it to the whore media and stupid people to distort what president Jimmy Carter said. According to Joe Scarborough(R-Dead intern)claimed the low poll numbers of Obama's are related to racism. Or Michael Steel claims racism played no part at all. Okay let the Evil one inject some sanity here. Here are some facts...Obama was elected by a large majority of white people.Disagreeing with Obama does not make you a racist. Carter said a "portion" of some of this opposition is based on race(I agree). Memberships in white power organizations skyrocketed when Obama got elected(I wonder why). Limbaugh used racism for a story of a white kid being beat up by black students on a school bus and said it was race based(despite the police official findings) according to Rush,"that's what happens in Obama's America..white kids get beat up". For every story you can find of whites being attacked, I can find stories of blacks or Asians being attacked by whites. The Jeremiah Wright story was pushed by all right wing media and the same media ignored McCains crazy little racist preacher. The list goes on. Glenn beck the Bi-polar nut job called Obama a racist! You never heard anyone from the right say anything concerning that remark. Some people on the right loves to push the racial envelope at the same time claiming they don't. They always want someone to apologize to them but never want to apologize for anything. If a Joe Wilson was a democrat the republicans would have railed on him everyday,trying to get him removed from office. Look what they did to the Dixie Chicks. When its the right they remain silent. When its the left its a different story. Some of the opposition to the president is legitimate and some is based on ignorance(ok alot of it) and some is based on racism. The school situation was very interesting. But as far as Joe Wilson who has ties to questionable organizations,there has never been anyone calling the president a liar in a joint session speech.EVER! I defy anyone who can find such an instance.

You have to feel sorry for Joe Wilson, He is old enough (62) to remember when the coloreds knew their place, which was shuffling in the street and being lynched.

He started school in an era when no little nigra could have even dreamed of going to school with whites,not in the state that started the Civil War. But then, when he was 7, the Supreme Court desegregated the schools...

Sadly, Joe's career has been nondescript, remarkable only in his slavish devotion to George W. Bush and his wars.The world was becoming progressively uneasy for Wilson too. Even back in Sea Horse Acres, they weren't quite as in love with old Joe as they used to be. When he was first elected, he got 84 percent of the vote.However, those numbers have dropped to only 54 percent.

And on that same night, the unthinkable happened: A black man was elected president. That's right, president of the Yew-nited States of America. You can't imagine how that might make a one-time Thurmond aide feel.

We don't know how Strom himself would have felt, because the senile racist finally croaked six years ago,leaving an illegitimate black daughter behind. That had to have been hell on Joe.


Anonymous said...

Obongo is a liar...

Just like all other Presidents:
The difference is he is black and off limits to criticism.

What happened on the school bus if the vicitim had been black the thug white and most of the other bus riders white we know how the Civil Rights Pimps would be salivating all over themselves ready to cash in.

John said...

Carter's comments was spot on about the reaction to Obama. I'm sorry but this is part of the opposition to President Obama. I can't give you a percentage but it is there. Along, also with anti-gov
feelings that has been around for awhile.

What needs to happend is Michael Steele needs to make a statement that the oppostion to President Obama should be base on IDEOLOGY.!!! not on race or the question that he is a citizen of the United States. My party should denounce anyone who use this as a issue. I'm waiting for black conservatives to grow a set and call some these idiots out.

Lets get a CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!