Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Prostitute Whisperer.

And ask him all your questions about hooker management services. If the topic is important enough to deny services to the most under-served communities in America, it's important enough for him to address directly."

We all saw the Fox News story(lie) about children singing the song about Obama. Like I said before these Fox News Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity listeners are stupid and because their brain does not fire properly. This is why the behave the way they do. They have a mental disorder. Case in point the hooker loving republican David Vitter had the nerve to be upset about ACORN and wants to defund it. So instead of keeping a low profile this guy decides to be outraged about this ACORN lie. So who knows hookers better than Vitter? So he should use his experience and answer question we all have about hookers. Lets call his office and ask him questions.

"If Senator Vitter is so outraged by the ACORN prostitution scandal, surely he doesn't mind talking about his own. The group that Vitter and others so easily condemn provides vital services to some of the poorest people in America. ACORN is clearly imperfect, but it takes a bold man to attack their sex worker interactions when his own have gone unpunished. So as long as the self-proclaimed 'most outspoken critic of ACORN' is sitting in judgment of prostitute consultations, let's benefit from his real world experience."

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