Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye You Are An Idiot,What's Next?

What you did to Taylor Swift was stupid and rude. No one cared what your dumbass had too say. Serena although the line judge made the wrong call. Don't be surprised when your threatened to kick their ass,that your fined 10,000.00. And to Joe Wilson (R-Stupid ass)(are we really surprised a republican said something stupid)keep your stupid ass quiet when your in a room full of grownups, Not only were you rude but you were wrong, Don't give me that Fox News spin of how Wilson was right. Only dumb asses believe that. Section 246,247 bears this out. How rude was that? Now you hear the idiots talk about how the same happened to Bush. Bull! Bush was never called a liar during a joint session of congress(even though he was lying to go to war). So I don't care what a president was called outside of a joint session. To do that in a joint session was rude and stupid and you were WRONG Congressman.


Anonymous said...

Calling the Predsident a liar at that point in his speech was spot on.

I will get back to this when I have more time...

If some lib had done something similiar when Bush was in office he would be a hero to you and your lefty friends.

Bush was constantly made fun of and derided why should Obongo get a free pass?

Oh yeah...I forgot...he's black can't say anything that can be misconstrued about our new Lord.

And now libs have made some new rules in the House and Senate that you can't use words:


House Rules Committee summary of guidelines for members states that while it is permissible to challenge the president on matters of policy during debate, personal attacks are off limits. House rules note that a member could refer to a presidential message as a "disgrace to the nation" but it would be impermissible to call the president a "liar," a "hypocrite" or say he was "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."

What other words will be banned?

Anonymous said...

HR 3200

5 Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments
6 for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are
7 not lawfully present in the United States.

Is it fair to assume that the senate has adopted this part of the house bill? I havent seen anything like it in senate bill.


John said...

Wilson called the President a liar right in the middle of a speech to the joint session of congress!!!!!
In fact he yelled it interupting his speech!!! I'm sorry I haven't seen that in all my time of watching Presidents addressing the Congress. And I challenge any rightwinger to put out when a democratic member of that body yelled something at BUSH when he was addressing congress.

Look Wilson could have reserved his comments to local media in his district,or on a blog,or tweet it.

No words are being banned...

Gee, sounds like the someone got the talking point from Limbaugh,Hannity,etc.etc.etc.