Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Just Hanging Around!

Looks can be deceiving

This was really a shame what happened to former police officer Bill Sparkman. We have to make sure we don't jump to conclusions on this. It's true that the stupid right wing violence is on the prowl. But we have to be sure that this is what transpired. You know Clay county in which his body was found is a very lawless place,lots of meth manufacturers and marijuana crops. So its also possible that maybe this guy saw something that he was not supposed to see, and could have been killed and made to look like a hate crime against the feds. His hands and feet were bound and he was naked and gagged and his id taped to his body. My heart goes out to his family.


Anonymous said...

You know what is odd that rape against females is not classed as a hate crime. Wonder why.

Marcus said...

I can see a rape being a hate crime in a few cases. For example, if a lesbian was raped by a man for being lesbian I'd say go for the hate crime time.