Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hannity The Liar(Surprised)

Ok this may shock you,but Fox News and Sean Hannity have always be lying whores. Now don't get me wrong the media are all whores that sell out to the corporations and special interests. But Fox News is a special kind of lying whore. They lie for the GOP and is not proud of it because they hide the fact they shill for the republicans. They claim they are fair and balanced which is laughable. You show me where it is taught in journalism to use fair and balanced the way its practiced on the Fox News Channel. Now its apparent that Hannity was caught lying..... AGAIN! Plus don't give me this crap about all the media do this ...Bullshit either give me some proof or shut the hell up!! Brace yourself folks,if your open minded then you will be shocked, if you love Rush and Fox News you will say that this is just bullcrap perpetrated by the socialistic,communistic,liberal bias cabal.Cool keep thinking that. But to the real thinkers out there Hannity's ass got caught lying. Just watch and make up your own mind.


Anonymous said...

I think you are jumping the shark. Hannity could have misspoken or was handed a typoed paper.

Olberman is just like a Hannity a cry baby.

Let me get this straight...white male conservatives are just supposed to suck Obongo's dick like you libs do?
Ok...that was simple.

Anthony said...

Your joking right? He had plenty of time to prep. He said he watched it,remember!Now the fellatio reference I will leave that to you.

Anonymous said...

You liberals are always funny that is not thinking but always feeling your way from problem to problem. You 'guys' like to point out how stupid the Hannity's of the world are and yet 'you' hang on every word 'they' say. I was talking to a liberal Obongo supporter the other day at work and she admitted being fascist that is indoctrinating children into her political belief system. I mean I have to give credit to Michael Weiner for stating that liberalism is a form of mental illness.

John said...

Fox News isn't a news source to much but a propaganda org. for the republican party. Hannity,O'Riely are the biggest propagandist on that news channel. Gee it would be nice if he was ACCURATE but reason,logic and accountability aren't words FOX is familar with.