Sunday, September 06, 2009


How dare (that nigger) talk to my kids!! GOP"outraged" about Obama's "brainwashing")

The heading above is just the GOP pretending to be upset about Obama talking to their children> I mean they never had a problem with any other president doing the same thing(republican that is).

The Dems had better start getting tough. Stop letting them define the debate. Now I must take a swipe at the whore media(no offense to any real whores). They have to stop reporting on this shit like its real news. Stop giving the deathers,birthers and anyone on Fox news a legitimate platform. Message to Obama. I only voted for you because Hillary went negative against you and also I liked some of your platform and your smart.Plus I loved how you sent John McCain and his dumb nurse back home.
Remember these Republicans do not and will not ever like you. They hate you,they are racists who do not want a darkie running the country. They are stupid and ignorant. Hell you got a guy running for office in Idaho(big surprise)who said that he wants to buy and Obama tag(ya know like a deer tag) that's a very deadly joke. Now if some nutcase takes a shot at you,the GOP will swear they had nothing to do with it and and lie about how they were with you all the time. the Gop are really one big collective Eddie Haskell on "Leave it to Beaver".Now fortunately their numbers are small. I need you to start punching back,kick them in the nuts,bitch smack them,screw bipartisanship they have no interest in it and they are a national joke. They are never accountable for their actions and they are hypocrites. Name me one time when a GOPer was ever accountable for anything that they ever did,that they did not recant somehow? These little stupid religious nutbags want to separate the races. These GOPers are ignorant bully stupid asses who live a fact free existence. The only way to beat them is to not engage in intelligent conversation(they are not capable)You have to beat them down intellectually with facts and of course a little bit of sarcasm. Example: if you had a little child who you are reprimanding about cleaning his room and he told you about that a big evil monster appeared in his room
and told him not to clean it and they played hopscotch all day. Now you know that child is full of it...Right? You know that is just nonsense plus you get that feeling of this person is pulling your leg...right?.Well the same way holds true when talking to these idiots...just treat them like little children who do not know any better(because they don't)and then correct them if you want to or just simply walk away knowing that they are just so hopelessly powerfully stupid it's just that easy.

I leave you guys with this analogy straight out of the mind of the Evil one himself Lord Anthony....Reginald Denny was that poor trucker who during the LA riots got out of his truck(stupid move)and got his ass KICKED in a way that only Ike Turner would have approved of, on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Why did he get out of a eighteen wheeler you may ask????..Well he was trying to help. Well screw that. If that was me I would have ran those bastards over while tooting my horn..toot..toot. So remember Democrats you are Reginald Denny and the Republicans are those street thugs being lawless in the street...he had eighteen wheels under his ass and you guys have 60 votes under yours....I think I see a way out of this!



Anonymous said...

Why not just kill everyone that you disagree with?

You seem eager to live in a One Party State. Maybe you should move to North Korea.

Let me see if I got it: If I don't agree with Obongo on some issue then I am a racist.

Anonymous said...

No, you're a racist so you don't agree with Obama on any issue.

John said...

One may disagree with President Obama and not be a racist. I can deal with that if people stay on the facts. But lets get real for a minute!!!! A lot of these parents talk so much crap about wanting to instil their values for their own kids. (Who the Fuck is stopping them???) thats why they didn't want Obama speaking. I betcha none of these morons voted for Obama and they listen to talk radio where some host wanted them to keep their kids home.

The speech is made today (9/09) and "Oh my God it was full of socialist sayings!!!" Work hard,study,you might fail but don't give up.

Lets face it the REPO's Pundits are a bunch of COWARDS,and the biggest bunch of Hypocrits today.

Anonymous said...

Classic race baiter post.

I wonder how many niggers voted for obama because hes a nigger?

The above are words in accordance with the Evil Penis BTW.

Hey Anthony does this look infected?



pastorpete said...

Point proven. Thanks anonymous!

Anthony said...

Hey bigdog be careful your true colors are showing. Now we know what your really are.No Fairminded person would have deduced what you did. You had people that voted for Barack for his skin color and the same with Bush. But thanks for letting me know
what a racist degenerate you have always been

John said...

Did Blacks vote for Obama??? Yea about 93%.And about 35 to 40% of white voters did also.

We have a issue with a President speaking to kids about staying in school,working hard,and if you fail keep trying. Yes this was a bad thing??? Maybe he will inspire children to work hard and they may be President some day.

BigDog I lost a lot of respect for you. You can disagree with Obama but you don't have to call him a NIGGER. This is 2009 but we have seem to gone backward a little bit in our thinking these days.

Anonymous said...

If the economy hasn't improved by 2010 Dems will lose big and Obongo will be one term wonder. A lot of whites I know that voted for Obongo are now regretting that decision. Of course the Republicans don’t seem to have anyone waiting in the Wings except Mitt.

This US is in serious trouble on so many fronts that I wouldn’t be surprised if Obongo and his Master’s roll out the official Police State.

Anonymous said...

Hey John why was this moron put back in office? He should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Oh 'the evil penis' has been caught. How awfull you must feel when found not be so fairminded, as you often claim.

You should apologise for you ignorance and race baiting.

Oh and please share with me where it is that a white man said he wouldnt want that nigger talking to his white kids? Is there anything out there resembling this or are you making this shit up? Hence you are race baiting considerinh your respone i was spot on.

Hey John.

Its to bad and yes, very sad, you dont see your buddies racist attitude about whites concerning obama.I was only using his verbage to describe Obama in the same manor he used against whites, i just flipped the script pointing out his own disturbing bigotry. Isnt it funny how i am now viewed racist calling him out on his shit....ROFLMMFAO!!!

Hmmmmm... this is a classic example of him race baiting. If you want to back Anthony up John, and not see what his post represents, then i have ZERO respect for you and this issue of race will never end within our generation. Thats why Anthony pisses me off. What he said was untrue,unfair,unfounded and a down right ignorant thing to say. What i said wasnt false, but yet it had his undertones and verbage to it. Im the racists? Bullshit!! So lets examine my point.

Is this a fact? The evil penis was the one who inserted "nigger" into his post, describing how white people are supposedly thinking about obamas speech to the children of America?(notice how i worded that) Ask yourself John: Why didnt anything mention the hispanics in the same manor. How about the arabs,japanees,chinees,canadians,...etc) Oh thats right he made this shit up and left everyone out of the picture except WHITEEE!!! and the NIGGER!!!. Is this sinking in yet JOHN!!!

Remembering this John: no one mentioned anything about obama speeking to "the white kids".However the evil penis found it appropriate to mention nigger and whitee concerning this subject.

Yes or no?

He sure did. Respect or no respect. The evil penis is a race baiter. His response had nothing to do with explaining himself.No sir it was all about me being racist. Like obama said: "We cant extrapolate from the facts."

BTW i dont care if obama spoke to the youngins. I stated this on MTJs show. What i can clearly see tho, people like Anthony using obamas skin color to promote their own racist views and then, after called on it, tries to flip the script and claims someone like me, whos white, who isnt afraid of mixing it up about racism, a racist. I say thats chicken shit. Never thought anthony to be a pussy about race, but i have found out different.

In a sense, obamas skin color has in fact exacerbated the issue of race. Prime example is Anthony thinks he is "eddy murphy" (beverly hills cop)in a hotel lobby screaming "no one is allowed up in here because there is a no nigger allowed policy at this hotel".(or some shit like that)

Guess what John, anthony isnt going to get a suite out of this deal. Go ahead and defend him. Oh and please share with me where it is that a white man said he wouldnt want that nigger talking to his white kids?

I cant wait to hear this.

BIGDOG (a truelly fairminded person)

Anonymous said...

This may be the person in question though you would have to extrapolate that his kids and wife are white:

Chris Stigall - news Sep 4, 2009 ... Chris Stigall, a Kansas City talk show host, said, "I'm not letting my next-door neighbor talk to my kid alone; I'm sure as hell.

John said...

Big Dog,

I like to think we are all well rational and can agree to disagree.

I've seen Tony's post about race issues in his blog and what I guess your mad at Bigdog is that he is well "Honest" You don't think that a lot of Obama's critics aren't using race???? You don't think that some of the 9/12,
teabaggers,so-called patriots issues with this President is he is BLACK???? "Get Clue please???".

I guess in your rant BD yah missed that I wrote that you can disagree with the Pres. and not be a RACIST.But lets get real in the back of a lot of these parents thinking who had issues with the Pres. I betcha race was in play. It wasn't said but it was implied by talkradio,Fox News,etc.etc.

BigDog, Lets get a little honest for a minute. I don't have Tony's back. I'll call him out when he is wrong.!!!! I think Racism is at play. It is the" 500 pound Gorilla" in the room.I think you are mad because you have some personal issues with Anthony that has gone on for a long time with the show and this blog.

I read your posting and I might have jumped to the wrong conclusion about what you wrote. I will say I'm sorry for that on my part.


Anonymous said...

Not one person in this country has said publically, like Anthony did on his lil blog. How does he know the Eddie Haskells of this nation are thinking the way he described in this post?

Now whos true colors are Anthony?

Child, please!!!

My only dispute with him is grounded on what he said. Has nothing to do with his show or him as a person, in fact i like him and feel like we could have this conversation face to face. Yet im still hearing nothing but crickets from you or him on this matter. I hear excuses and accusations towards others, kinda like Carter in a sense, but know accountability and that spells pussy in my book.

You speek of being Honest. Then show me where his speculative reasoning is true. I WANT TO HEAR AUDIO, READ QUOTES, give me something that shows his speculations to be spot on. Im still waiting for confirmation on what he said was true and i havent received anything. Since my last post he had plenty of time to back his shit up and hasnt.

YOU. JOHN. Have had ample time to show me where his assertions are true. Now i know for sure i was correct, it was all about race baiting and i took the bait for debate. I'll stick by my money quote and i have evidence to prove it be an HONEST and not contribed opinion. BTW this conversation is your first CLUE!!!

BIGDOG said so eloquently: "In a sense, obamas skin color has in fact exacerbated the issue of race."


You want to help end racism in America? People who taught the position Anthony has, is the itch that never goes away and black people need to wake up to the fact that white people could care less about how black people live. They are too busy living their own lives.

Olin Miller:

"We probably wouldn't worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do."

I think all races want a safe place to raise their kids and enjoy their life no matter what country they live in.I think all races what a fair shake in life also. I wonder what Obama would say about his fair shake in America.

Calling Kanye West "a jackass" tells me he is a grounded black man in America, working the system in place and in fact is changing the system as we speek. Now that change he is attempting, without good reason and debate, is unforgivable and that is entirely another subject matter and is not based on race John.

Like Anonymous said: "No, you're a racist so you don't agree with Obama on any issue."

After Jimmy comments this is so true.

BTW the Wilson issue makes him a jackass also.Im sure obama would


John said...


You went so many places in your last posting I really don't know how to answer you. (I'm gonna give a good try.)

I've known Anthony for about 15 years.I find him to be honest and at times very refreshing in his opinions on issues on race,religon,philosophy,ethics and life. (when your candid about issues you tend to well "pissed off" people who aren't!!!)

Tony has defended the police when there has been instances of actions with minorites where the cops have followed procedures and when they are wrong he has called them on it. (Example: Skip Gates)
Also note he thought what Kanye West did was wrong. Serena Williams was wrong for how she reacted to the call from the offical at the U.S. Open. (I will let Anthony defend himself in his postings on his Blog.)

I have tend to notice when Blacks talk about race in relation to current events and in a historical manner it tends to freak some white folk out!!!!!. So I guess now that we have a black president well we can't talk about race in this country now??? Really????

I find you somewhat a little sensitive about this subject. You didn't think Obama's race wasn't gonna be brought up ??? (Exmaples:
Birthers,Glen Beck saying Obama is a racist and that he pals around with Black radicals, Rush Limbaugh making jokes about Slavery and its benefits,teabaggers...) It was brought up by Democrats during the primaries, for instanmce..

Are you new???? You think that we are race baiters?????

"There is no diffrence from sincere ignorance or conscious
stupidity" Where do you fit BD???

Anonymous said...

Im still waiting, show me where, what Anthony said, was factual and not contribed speculation by him.

I notice hes still avoiding me (shows he has no legit claim) on this and you continuelly dance around the issue. The curious part is your erroneous defence of obsertity on your buddies behalf.

This is my last response.

Enjoy life because i know i am.