Saturday, September 19, 2009


"Whats the difference between the zoo and the whitehouse?
One has a African Lion the other has a lying African"

No racism huh?

These quotes were seen on protest signs at the Sept 12th million moron march perpetrated by Fox News. I'm glad that Carter was wrong and that there is no racism in Obama's opposition.


Anonymous said...

Im just curious was there any racism in the fact Ms. Rice was portraid to have big lips in the most political cartoons?

Was this a joke being spread around by bloggers?

Id say yes to both and you??

John said...

I never saw that image of Dr. Rice in oped cartoon's and if I did, I never gave it a thought of it being racist. One reason might be that political cartoonist tend draw characters unique features.

The cartoons on Obama has drawn his unique features,his big ears for instance. FYI......