Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Prostitute Whisperer.

And ask him all your questions about hooker management services. If the topic is important enough to deny services to the most under-served communities in America, it's important enough for him to address directly."

We all saw the Fox News story(lie) about children singing the song about Obama. Like I said before these Fox News Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity listeners are stupid and because their brain does not fire properly. This is why the behave the way they do. They have a mental disorder. Case in point the hooker loving republican David Vitter had the nerve to be upset about ACORN and wants to defund it. So instead of keeping a low profile this guy decides to be outraged about this ACORN lie. So who knows hookers better than Vitter? So he should use his experience and answer question we all have about hookers. Lets call his office and ask him questions.

"If Senator Vitter is so outraged by the ACORN prostitution scandal, surely he doesn't mind talking about his own. The group that Vitter and others so easily condemn provides vital services to some of the poorest people in America. ACORN is clearly imperfect, but it takes a bold man to attack their sex worker interactions when his own have gone unpunished. So as long as the self-proclaimed 'most outspoken critic of ACORN' is sitting in judgment of prostitute consultations, let's benefit from his real world experience."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Just Hanging Around!

Looks can be deceiving

This was really a shame what happened to former police officer Bill Sparkman. We have to make sure we don't jump to conclusions on this. It's true that the stupid right wing violence is on the prowl. But we have to be sure that this is what transpired. You know Clay county in which his body was found is a very lawless place,lots of meth manufacturers and marijuana crops. So its also possible that maybe this guy saw something that he was not supposed to see, and could have been killed and made to look like a hate crime against the feds. His hands and feet were bound and he was naked and gagged and his id taped to his body. My heart goes out to his family.

Hey Dems Grow Some Sack!

Why did 75 cowardly democrats vote to defund ACORN? I will tell you why,you know the repubs don't have much going for them.So this is what they have been reduced to......political witch hunts! Now ACORN has done a lot of good for poor people(now can you guess why the GOP hates them?)Now don't get me wrong ACORN screwed up when they encountered these so called conservative activists cartoonishly dressed as a hooker and pimp . Okay lets also investigate Blackwater for abuses and illegal activity and there are a host of other companies I will name them soon. So Dems show some sack and defund all the other companies like should they break the law like these has. We will see what this ACORN smokescreen is really abouit. Becuase if it poasse then that violates the Bill of Attainder law and that goes both ways.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Are These Clowns Really Any Different.

This is what I think of everytime I see these religious and political hustlers on tv. This is such a farce and only the truly stupid and simpleminded actually believe this stuff.So sit back and enjoy these fakes...especially that idiot Beck. I actually like the fart sounds in the second one that was added for comedic effect.Pay particular attention to the third video,I hope you like it.

Thanks Sarah.

Wow, Sarah it seems that your stupidity knows no bounds. Thanks for going to Asia and scaring the hell out of everybody with your lack of intellectual depth. Do me a favor Sarah,please run in 2012 with that crippled bitch Big Dick Cheney,pretty please.

Just A Thought.

This is why I say the mainstream media and politicians are a joke. The media and GOP and congress were so quick to investigate some steroid using athletes and now the GOP is calling for a special investigation into and to defund ACORN(I smell political witch hunt).But just can't seem to investigate torture or the Bush administration crimes or where those billions really went to in Iraq.Or why the gay prostitute was making secret trips to the Whitehouse. Folks listen to me here..Power does what it wants to do,how it wants whenever it wants.Now for you Fox News people I really don't expect you to intellectually grasp what I just said. So go ahead and say the usual its just liberal dribble and brush off your statue of Palin.

Oh by the way I am sure there will be no investigation into this below

Only 3 of 763 "sneak-and-peek" requests in 2008 involved terrorism cases,
according to a July 2009 report from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

This authority here on the sneak-and-peek side, on the criminal side, is not meant for intelligence. It's for criminal cases. So I guess it's not surprising to me that it applies in drug cases," Kris said.

"As I recall it was in something called the USA PATRIOT Act," Feingold quipped,"which was passed in a rush after an attack on 9/11 that had to do with terrorism it didn't have to do with regular, run-of-the-mill criminal cases.
Let me tell you why I'm concerned about these numbers: That's not how this was sold to the American people. It was sold as stated on DoJ's website in 2005 as being necessary - quote - to conduct investigations without tipping off terrorists."

Kris responded by saying that some courts had already granted the Justice Department authority to conduct sneak-and-peeks. But Feingold countered that the PATRIOT Act codified and expanded that authority all under the guise of the war on terror.

Feingold, the lone vote against the PATRIOT Act when it was first passed, is introducing an amendment to curb its reach. "It's quite extraordinary to grant government agents the statutory authority to secretly break into Americans homes," he said.

So the Patriot Act is NOT being used to spy on terrorists - it's being used to spy on us.

Why is Obama allowing this to happen?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Obvious Cry For Help.


Your kidding me right? God's judgment is coming huh? You sure about that huh? Riiiiight! Wow, this guy is badly in need of getting laid. Hey guy, you would be surprised how a nice worldly woman,a room and desk and some alcohol combined, makes for a nice booty call therapy session. It will cause you to get a better hair cut and stop hanging out with a bunch of religious nut cases. Trust me some good leg therapy is what ya need.

Probably Watches Fox News!

Young woman competing at a quiz show never heard of Hungary and Budapest. She thinks Europe is a country, and doesn't know if France is a country.Hmmmmm interesting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Insurance Company Left Behind!

Oh this is so funny. Please right wingers don't respond to this, because chances are you will not respond intelligently at all. Plus you would just be wasting my time and I have more important things to do.

Thunderfoot's Bitch!

Okay folks your going to love this. It seems that ole Kirk Cameron and that other christian creep the Ray "the banana guy"Comfort is at it again. These people are defacing Darwin books with fifty pages of creationist crap and passing them out at college campuses. Well, I will let you view it yourself and let you make up your own mind. I think that the video is great and refutes Kirk's batshit crazy ass point by point. Oh how I love putting these idiots in their place

Silly Quotes!

"You liberals are always funny that is not thinking but always feeling your way from problem to problem. You 'guys' like to point out how stupid the Hannity's of the world are and yet 'you' hang on every word 'they' say. I was talking to a liberal Obongo supporter the other day at work and she admitted being fascist that is indoctrinating children into her political belief system. I mean I have to give credit to Michael Weiner for stating that liberalism is a form of mental illness".

-A rightwingers response to the Hannity posting below, proving again why his side is easy to beat.

Do these idiots ever respond intelligently with facts? He did not refute anything in my posting. Why do they only respond with anecdotal talking points? Why is he using an apostrophe(' ') in place of actual quotation (" ")marks when he writes? Has this guy ever heard of commas or periods? Why is he a dumb ass who thinks he can match me intellectually? Why do they always assume your a liberal when you criticize the rightwing?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hannity The Liar(Surprised)

Ok this may shock you,but Fox News and Sean Hannity have always be lying whores. Now don't get me wrong the media are all whores that sell out to the corporations and special interests. But Fox News is a special kind of lying whore. They lie for the GOP and is not proud of it because they hide the fact they shill for the republicans. They claim they are fair and balanced which is laughable. You show me where it is taught in journalism to use fair and balanced the way its practiced on the Fox News Channel. Now its apparent that Hannity was caught lying..... AGAIN! Plus don't give me this crap about all the media do this ...Bullshit either give me some proof or shut the hell up!! Brace yourself folks,if your open minded then you will be shocked, if you love Rush and Fox News you will say that this is just bullcrap perpetrated by the socialistic,communistic,liberal bias cabal.Cool keep thinking that. But to the real thinkers out there Hannity's ass got caught lying. Just watch and make up your own mind.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey Rightwing Be Careful!

I have always believed that some right wingers will rather burn this country to the ground than have a darkie running the country. Don't believe me, just tune into any right wing talk show. But I must warn the right be careful with your words because your side is creating a dangerous climate for violence. Bringing assault weapons to presidential stupid is that? Don't give me this spin about how its legal to carry them,then I will say why not carry them in a schools or churches or grocery stores or day care centers. As a gun owner I find this practice stupid and ill advised. How come no one has brought guns openly to Bush's event? You actually have ministers calling for Obama's death(just like it says in the bible),Limbaugh making racial comments. When the government released findings describing left wing violence nothing was said. But when the findings were released talking about right wing violence everyone on Fox News lost their damn minds and swore up and down that the document was talking about them. In reality it was not talking about them but they are so fucking stupid so what can you do? What you put out you get back. If something happens to Obama or another innocent person then it will rest upon your head. You show me any instances where the left has ever mimicked the behavior in the same way the rightwing has for example bringing guns to presidential events. All it takes is some nutbag who is listening to the radio or television then decides to put things into action. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction,such was the reaction from one kook to another kook who shot and killed a so called pro lifer who was out protesting. So you rightwingers I know your not ever going accept responsibilty for anything you never do, hell Wilson is enjoying his newfound fame from making an ass out of himself.


"Whats the difference between the zoo and the whitehouse?
One has a African Lion the other has a lying African"

No racism huh?

These quotes were seen on protest signs at the Sept 12th million moron march perpetrated by Fox News. I'm glad that Carter was wrong and that there is no racism in Obama's opposition.

This is Glenn Beck The Early Years!

I loved the kids in the hall and this clip. We all know that the left wing can be stupid but we see example after example of right wing nuttery with these tea baggers and protestors. This clip reminds me of Glenn Beck. I love how the right wing wants you to fear everything and everybody. You could take this clip and play this on Fox News and not know the difference.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Here we go again, leave it to the whore media and stupid people to distort what president Jimmy Carter said. According to Joe Scarborough(R-Dead intern)claimed the low poll numbers of Obama's are related to racism. Or Michael Steel claims racism played no part at all. Okay let the Evil one inject some sanity here. Here are some facts...Obama was elected by a large majority of white people.Disagreeing with Obama does not make you a racist. Carter said a "portion" of some of this opposition is based on race(I agree). Memberships in white power organizations skyrocketed when Obama got elected(I wonder why). Limbaugh used racism for a story of a white kid being beat up by black students on a school bus and said it was race based(despite the police official findings) according to Rush,"that's what happens in Obama's America..white kids get beat up". For every story you can find of whites being attacked, I can find stories of blacks or Asians being attacked by whites. The Jeremiah Wright story was pushed by all right wing media and the same media ignored McCains crazy little racist preacher. The list goes on. Glenn beck the Bi-polar nut job called Obama a racist! You never heard anyone from the right say anything concerning that remark. Some people on the right loves to push the racial envelope at the same time claiming they don't. They always want someone to apologize to them but never want to apologize for anything. If a Joe Wilson was a democrat the republicans would have railed on him everyday,trying to get him removed from office. Look what they did to the Dixie Chicks. When its the right they remain silent. When its the left its a different story. Some of the opposition to the president is legitimate and some is based on ignorance(ok alot of it) and some is based on racism. The school situation was very interesting. But as far as Joe Wilson who has ties to questionable organizations,there has never been anyone calling the president a liar in a joint session speech.EVER! I defy anyone who can find such an instance.

You have to feel sorry for Joe Wilson, He is old enough (62) to remember when the coloreds knew their place, which was shuffling in the street and being lynched.

He started school in an era when no little nigra could have even dreamed of going to school with whites,not in the state that started the Civil War. But then, when he was 7, the Supreme Court desegregated the schools...

Sadly, Joe's career has been nondescript, remarkable only in his slavish devotion to George W. Bush and his wars.The world was becoming progressively uneasy for Wilson too. Even back in Sea Horse Acres, they weren't quite as in love with old Joe as they used to be. When he was first elected, he got 84 percent of the vote.However, those numbers have dropped to only 54 percent.

And on that same night, the unthinkable happened: A black man was elected president. That's right, president of the Yew-nited States of America. You can't imagine how that might make a one-time Thurmond aide feel.

We don't know how Strom himself would have felt, because the senile racist finally croaked six years ago,leaving an illegitimate black daughter behind. That had to have been hell on Joe.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye You Are An Idiot,What's Next?

What you did to Taylor Swift was stupid and rude. No one cared what your dumbass had too say. Serena although the line judge made the wrong call. Don't be surprised when your threatened to kick their ass,that your fined 10,000.00. And to Joe Wilson (R-Stupid ass)(are we really surprised a republican said something stupid)keep your stupid ass quiet when your in a room full of grownups, Not only were you rude but you were wrong, Don't give me that Fox News spin of how Wilson was right. Only dumb asses believe that. Section 246,247 bears this out. How rude was that? Now you hear the idiots talk about how the same happened to Bush. Bull! Bush was never called a liar during a joint session of congress(even though he was lying to go to war). So I don't care what a president was called outside of a joint session. To do that in a joint session was rude and stupid and you were WRONG Congressman.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Whup

Classic race baiter post.

"I wonder how many niggers voted for obama because hes a nigger?

The above are words in accordance with the Evil Penis BTW.

Hey Anthony does this look infected?"



Bigdog dropping all pretense that he is not a racist and showing his true colors.

The New Czar

Okay folks here is my gift to Obama. I am so tired of hearing the right bitch about these Czars(which is a title they created politically since Nixon). Ok here is what I propose to Obama. We will have a new Czar that will take care of detractors from Fox news or congress or even hardcore nazi racists like bigdog, introducing the FUCK YOU CZAR.....this is the man you send out to deal with all the silly crap coming from the right...instead of Gibbs send me for example..the birth certificate...FUCK YOU...the death panels...FUCK YOU...idiots who yell out in the senate chamber...go FUCK yourself. If Palin or Bachmann says something stupid...then the FUCK YOU czar comes out and tells those silly bitches to shut up and keep being the subservient cock sockets they were destined to be on the right.When that bipolar human debris Glenn Beck even starts to open his pie hole....the FUCK YOU czar comes out and bitch smacks him like Ike hit Anna Mae. These guys have lost all credibility,also this school thing was the last nail in their coffin. These guys should be out searching for bigfoot. Hell I am gonna appoint myself the FUICK YOU Czar.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anthony's Note!

I received some emails recently and it seems that this site has pissed off local talk show hosts and tea bag kooks and racists and bigots and all around dummies of the right and some on the left, they actually complained. The same people who have lied about Obama and has pushed every stupid idea from the birthers to the deathers has the nerve to be offended at my site. Btw the way I am not a racist and if you read this blog carefully and still come away with that silly notion,then you are a Limbaugh lover and Fox news watcher. Because only those people actually think that way. But as we all know I am a very sensitive person who never wants to offend anyone. So what I plan to do to rectify this situation is to say from the bottom of my heart KISS.......MY......ASS! I plan to step up the abuse and critiques of you nutcase cowards an additional 50 per cent starting right now. You bastards have your nerve..can't fight a fair fight huh? OK I am so sick of hearing about these people who lack cognitive abilities(stupid asses)lament about secession in Texas and Obama's a socialist and wants to destroy America and take away your rights but did not find not one problem with Bush. How dumb are these people? How do you fight ignorance of this magnitude....FACTS! Click on posting of the link. Now keep in mind when I say GoP I mean the neo cons(Limbaughs,Coulters,Hannity etc) not the small number of smart thinking conservatives.Look I agree with the right to protest, but come on be at least factual.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


How dare (that nigger) talk to my kids!! GOP"outraged" about Obama's "brainwashing")

The heading above is just the GOP pretending to be upset about Obama talking to their children> I mean they never had a problem with any other president doing the same thing(republican that is).

The Dems had better start getting tough. Stop letting them define the debate. Now I must take a swipe at the whore media(no offense to any real whores). They have to stop reporting on this shit like its real news. Stop giving the deathers,birthers and anyone on Fox news a legitimate platform. Message to Obama. I only voted for you because Hillary went negative against you and also I liked some of your platform and your smart.Plus I loved how you sent John McCain and his dumb nurse back home.
Remember these Republicans do not and will not ever like you. They hate you,they are racists who do not want a darkie running the country. They are stupid and ignorant. Hell you got a guy running for office in Idaho(big surprise)who said that he wants to buy and Obama tag(ya know like a deer tag) that's a very deadly joke. Now if some nutcase takes a shot at you,the GOP will swear they had nothing to do with it and and lie about how they were with you all the time. the Gop are really one big collective Eddie Haskell on "Leave it to Beaver".Now fortunately their numbers are small. I need you to start punching back,kick them in the nuts,bitch smack them,screw bipartisanship they have no interest in it and they are a national joke. They are never accountable for their actions and they are hypocrites. Name me one time when a GOPer was ever accountable for anything that they ever did,that they did not recant somehow? These little stupid religious nutbags want to separate the races. These GOPers are ignorant bully stupid asses who live a fact free existence. The only way to beat them is to not engage in intelligent conversation(they are not capable)You have to beat them down intellectually with facts and of course a little bit of sarcasm. Example: if you had a little child who you are reprimanding about cleaning his room and he told you about that a big evil monster appeared in his room
and told him not to clean it and they played hopscotch all day. Now you know that child is full of it...Right? You know that is just nonsense plus you get that feeling of this person is pulling your leg...right?.Well the same way holds true when talking to these idiots...just treat them like little children who do not know any better(because they don't)and then correct them if you want to or just simply walk away knowing that they are just so hopelessly powerfully stupid it's just that easy.

I leave you guys with this analogy straight out of the mind of the Evil one himself Lord Anthony....Reginald Denny was that poor trucker who during the LA riots got out of his truck(stupid move)and got his ass KICKED in a way that only Ike Turner would have approved of, on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Why did he get out of a eighteen wheeler you may ask????..Well he was trying to help. Well screw that. If that was me I would have ran those bastards over while tooting my horn..toot..toot. So remember Democrats you are Reginald Denny and the Republicans are those street thugs being lawless in the street...he had eighteen wheels under his ass and you guys have 60 votes under yours....I think I see a way out of this!


Anthony's Note!

When you see a posting that has the little lighthouse thingy next to the title that means you can click on the link.(this was just for rightwing racist dummies only. Because it takes these stupid asses a long time to get a clue.

Awww Hell Naw...You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

President Felipe Calderon(Ball of Steel)of Mexico just decriminalized drugs in his country. How come this is not a bigger news story? This is a great thing. It must be great to live in a country that implements progressive policies that work. Wow it must be nice not to be encumbered by rightwing religious idiots calling you a commie socialist all the time.

"Mexican President Felipe Calderon last month signed a law legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, heroin, opium, cocaine, methamphetamine and LSD for personal use, three years after the country ditched a similar plan under pressure from the Bush administration."

C'mon Are We Really Surpised?

Here is some quotes from your and my favorite racist and corpulent drug addict the real leader of the Republican Party Rush(Grand Wizard) Limbaugh.Click on post title for rest of article.

"Slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back,
I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."
-Rush the drug addict(still must be high)

Great quote Rush, I guess it was ok that the streets were not safe for blacks when they would walk down the streets and have bottles thrown at them or spit on or lynched or shot or raped or drug behind cars or trucks or robbed.