Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Knew It!

Well I was waiting for it and here it came and went. Gramps and Gidgets campaign is going so bad that these Bama's are going 100% negative and I like it. When you go negative then that means you lost and you don't have a message. They brought William Ayers and I am glad they did. You see folks McNasty and his trophy running mate are not running a general election they are running an election for their base. Now people are really seeing how out of touch these neo-cons are. Here is what you don't hear about Ayers(because fox news hates the truth). Ayers was kicked out the "Weather Underground" and went to court and was cleared of all charges. Now on the other hand father time and Keating were very good friends and McCain did his bidding and took lots of money from him,those are the facts. Now McCain was cleared in an ethics investigation....but was cited for "using poor judgement" according to the investigative body(hmmmm isn't robbing a bank or stealing.. technically defined as.. using bad judgement). Charles Keating went to prison for racketeering.

I watched the debate the other day and did not McCain looked teetering and old and limp? He and is wife when they appear together look like a commercial advertisement for an assisted living facility.The funny part is now the right wing radio kooks are going to have to really lie and make Grandpa Munster and his nurse aid(Palin)look good..Enjoy!

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