Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sour Grapes.

Okay the last debate pretty much went how I knew it would. McCain is so erratic and spinning out of control with what his campaign is doing. Tonight you will see more red herrings thrown out from McCain. You see, this man has to do this because he does not know a damn thing about what it is he is saying. McCain's campaign is wasting away like a case of bulimia in a person. Plus the public knows this also. They know he and that hicky idiot are so separate(like Brad and Jen)from the rest of us. That's why he and the shrill mooseburger eating liar Sarah Palin(R)Lying dumb ass space cadet. That's why they appear together(no one really wants to see McCain all by himself,that's like going to a Jackson's concert and Michael not showing up to perform)I think he needs to rest and take some medicine. We are at a turning point in this country folks. Not only the significance of a black president. But the knowledge of this country emerging out of this 21st century dark age. Hypatia is about to be vindicated. This country is now last in everything illiteracy,science etc. Right now America is living off her reputation much like a washed up old prizefighter lives off of his glory days how he used to be. But I think this could be a turning point So Nov 4th vote for the smart guy and right these wrongs of the last eight years..

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