Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama Foot In Mouth Disease!

Ok, we all put our foot in our mouths all the time, just ask Bush or any neocon? Now Obama has given the lunatic fringe something to talk about with his slip of the tongue. Now the "mentally ill" will take this and run with it and its Obama's fault.
You see everything was going great until he was asked to opine about the Henry Gates issue and he started off good until he got to the "stupidly arrested" part. I knew that was going to be a problem when he said it. Ok here is my opinion on that matter.
Obama should have kept quiet about the issue. When I heard about the incident immediately I knew this was NOT! a racial issue but the "mentally ill" and the "wimps" and the media would make it one. You see, I feel both the cop and Gates over reacted that morning. Let's employ some sense of "cog"(for you racists reading this,look it up)...Gates just returned from a 16 hour flight from China(just that alone would make some people cranky. The cop was dispatched to a burglary in progress call. So he was in a intense state of mind as would any cop going on such a call. Meanwhile Gates is on the phone with the realty association letting them know of the door and that's when the cop shows up. He properly executes police procedure in requesting identification. But when he realized that Gates checked clean he should have left. Now Gates meanwhile was within his rights to ask for the officer's information. I also believe that written police reports every word about Gates reaction. But I also believe Gates when he said the cop would not give his information. And then Gates get arrested. They drop the case according to the chief because of good will. Now see obviously the chief thinks that we are all stupid or at least much watch Fox News. Because the reality of it is that the DA knew that the case would not stick in court. You can not arrest someone in their house for "disorderly conduct" because they are in their private home(you have to be on public property). Now conversely if there is a serious crime going on..drugs abuse, assaults or you believe they are a danger to themselves or others then you can arrest them.Cops go on house calls all the time and get into arguments and no one goes to jail.

See police report:

That's what "verbal judo classes is all about". Now Obama you made a "Bush error" by running your mouth and not knowing all the facts. I feel you said what you felt and as a lawyer you knew that the cops move legally was "stupid" but you should have said it in a different way. Now the right wing will jump all over this because they are racists. But I think Chris Matthews said it best when he postulated that what if the situation was reversed but with the same circumstances but the cop was black and the guy was white? What would the reaction be? I think we have the answer to this already. The Republicans love to attack law enforcement when it suits their purposes,remember Elian Gonzales and Waco and the freaky gay senator caught with his dick out in a stall in Minnesota? Hell even "convicted Watergate felon" and nutjob G Gordon Liddy called a law enforcement cops "jack booted thugs" which prompted a response from George H W Bush. So that's how the Evil one saw it. Now I turn it over to the racists so they can cull some anti-white lies out of it.


Anonymous said...

Your boy did put not only his foot in his big mouth but his whole body as well. It just proves that he dislikes whites: White peoples greed in a world of need.

He picked on the wrong cop. A cop that was appointed by a black politician to teach racial sensitizing classes and a guy that tried to save some black athlete by giving mouth to mouth.

The good professor is a race hustler. His whole phat lifestyle as been built on ‘oh poor mes’ black man. The guy no doubt pulls down a six figure income. Won some genius award that paid him big bucks: he produces race films etc that he gets handsomely paid for: funny part is that he is half white and was married to a white female. I have always found it interesting that many guys like Gates marry white females. It is almost like they want to be white males. If you read this Gates we don’t want you in our club.

Wonder if we will hear 911 call and the calls that the cop made back to HQ? Doubt it if it makes Obama look even worse.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...have you read the police report anthony??? I dont think you have, you may have read a few quotes posted by someone else, but i have read both officers reports. I havent found any witness reports written.

Gates report



I suggest you read it before you pop off about someone not being arrested for disorderly conduct on their private property.

What if, said property, wasnt thiers? Say they rented it? Was it on campus?

First off that home is owned by Harvard U. and rented by Gates. This wasnt mentioned in the report but can easily be found with a lil search on your part.

Secondly the campus police were there and witnessed Gates outbursts at wich you said you believe the report and his "stupidly" outbursts. They also have audio of this and it is clear Gates was the provoker and did follow the officer outside,with the officer content on leaving at this point, Gates continued blasting him with racial charged tirade and being disorderly (?on campus?) and was warned 2-3 times to stop acting disorderally according to the report. Did you know this? you would have atleast recognised sufficient warning was given...right??