Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rightwing Nuttery!!

Okay guys here is your big chance to prove me wrong. Please explain to me what is behind the Obama birth certificate controversy? Why are you right wingers pushing this story? So let me hold your feet to the fire. They claimed a relative of Obama's claims he thinks Obama was born in Kenya(he thinks). Incidentally they also claimed that Obama's brother lived in a rundown shack and was poor (but that turned out to be a lie) Fox News still has not corrected that one. But I digress. Let us lay out the facts here. The Obama campaign a while back has produced his birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii.

Now some may say its a reproduction(which it is)but so is mine and a lot of other peoples when you do not have an original copy. You get a official reproduction complete with the state seal. Now despite the facts that government officials,reporters(even those people from seen felt and handled and photographed the original. Now some right wingers still say its a fake and the doctor lied(see where this is going). Let me spell it out. You have to to be born in the state to get a certificate that claims you were born in that particular state. Now conversely you can get a birth certificate in any state that says you were born out of state or country. So if you were born in Kenya or China you can get a certificate from Hawaii or Kansas or California or any other state stating that you were born in Kenya or China(military families do it all the time). But you cannot be born anywhere else and get a certificate from the state you were not born in stating that you were born there. That is impossible! So you guys want us to believe that you found something that Hillary failed to find. Brangelina's kids were born in Africa but are still considered Americans btw. So here are my questions.

What credible evidence do you guys have that proves he was not born in Hawaii?

What credible evidence can you produce that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was born in Kenya?

Has there been any other cases where this has happened?

Do you want us to believe(according to your logic) that his hippy mother gave birth to him in Kenya then somehow knew he was going to run for president so secretly brought him back to Hawaii past customs without a passport or proper documentation or identification for the child(no record of the trip btw,also this is Hawaii its not like you could run across the border you know, either plane or boat)then somehow got an entire hospital staff to lie and got the government of Hawaii to lie also and produce a fake document which is a gross violation of federal law?

So whats your answer? I'm waiting!


Anonymous said...

It does seem absurd that Obama's commie mother would want to make sure that he was a US citizen: the country she hated; but no doubt she may have had some dream that he would get into local politics. His deadbeat father died back in his own country because he was drunk. Now that last bit is funny.

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

And what would your position be if it was proven that he is not a US citizen? Would you still support him?

Anonymous said...

Obama/Dunham marriage license: Not released if (if one exists)
Kindergarten records: Not released; School claims records are"LOST" Soetoro/Dunham marriage license: Not released
Soetoro adoption records: Not released
Punahou School records: Not released
Occidental College records: Not released
Columbia College records: Not released
Columbia thesis; "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament"; Not released
Harvard College records: Not released
Harvard Law Review articles: None
Illinois Bar Records: Not released
Baptism certificate: None
Medical records: Not released
Illinois State Senate records: None
Illinois State Senate schedule: UH..., "LOST"
University of Chicago scholarly articles: None

He is overblown without teleprompters. The man has no clue about much of anything except running the race scam like many black guys, like Gates.