Friday, July 31, 2009

I Expected Better.

Thanks Dog for writing me back. I appreciate the guts you have.
I have no idea why you glossed over some facts and highlighted other items that you wanted to view as fact. I think that you started off with a belief then found items to try to support your contentions(you are a lot like Darla J and Glenn Beck and Hannity and Rush in that respect and that's not a compliment)as opposed to how the "empirical method" actually works.So I am going line by line to respond to your baseless assertions.

WOW!!! bigDaddy just got a small tidbit of the case you wanted me to look up. This case and the one you posted are so different Bigdaddy, that you should read it for yourself.However i like being thorough and so far it seems to be a matter of discretion.

Not true BigDog! I can tell you have read a small tidbit of the case and not the whole finding by your response with that addled statement. In Commonwealth Vs Lopiano the courts found it was not unlawful to mouth off to a cop. Now the events took place in two different settings but that does not change the dynamic of the courts findings.(you do understand what precedent means and how it applies don't you?

Oh and im so glad you are not screaming racial profiling like all the other fools.

Ummmm......Thanks I guess! Well that's because unlike you. I am fairminded

The mere fact that this was on campus and where a substantial group of people had access and they began to congragate and given his racial tones towards a cop and plus the fact two warnings were given about his disorderly behaviour. All this didnt stop his charging tyrate wich got his ass arrested.So he assentially disobeyed an officers warning while trying to keep the peace. Is this considered obstruction?

Obstruction is interfering with a cops lawfully discharging his duties. You may or may not have a point there. But the rest of your comment you're totally leaving out the fact that Crowley lied in his report about what the witness said. So if he lied about that,what else did he lie about? That calls everything else into question.This
is the area you should also be concerned with but intentionally left out. Why?

Now getting arrested and getting charged are two different things. Im glad he didnt get charged because it would have easily been dropped due to his First Amendment right.However it doesnt mean a cop cant detain you to stop any further display or in fact riotous behavior on campus(penal code: deemed public area).

Ok, this is a strange one. I don't know why you even brought this one up. You are so right Dog, arrests and charges are different(WTF?)In the second statement you just made my point for me. Here are the facts; he was not "detained" ok got it, learn the difference! He was arrested and booked, fingerprinted and thrown in jail. Police can only bring initial charges. Its up to the DA to bring formal charges. The DA probably read the reports and decided how stupid this case was and decided to drop it.I never questioned detainment. His home was not considered a public area. You are so hung up about his house being on campus. That has nothing to do with it(WTF?) Why did not the campus police get dispatched or handle the call? Do you even know anything about the law? How come officer Figueroa wrote what the witness actually said and Crowley didn't? Can you answer that one for me I am waiting?

Heres what i know about you Bigdaddy. You said, on your show many times, how you have a healthy respect for the badge. You never had any problems with cops. One asked you why. I remember you saying because you are a yes sir no sir type of guy...i.e. very cooperative. Gates unhealthy respect lead him to get hauled off and later released.He gets hauled off for his actions and you defend him by saying its the cop acting stupidly. You appeared to be unbias at first blaming both parties so i dug into your psychi, but i knew deep down you didnt believe the shit you preached about respecting the badge and now this comes up it shows your racial bias and your lack of conviction in your own belief about respecting a badge.

Lol you have got to be kidding me, racial bias? Wow! I think its so telling about you in this statement. You see what you want to see. Only racists are quick to call other people racist or say that have a bias.You just glossed over the lie in Crowleys report and I have a racial bias? lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol,lol.
I have two words for you...SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!Lol

The real issue here is Gates and his lack of respect for authority and also underlining his actions is racism.Notice how Barracks friends have huge racial issues. Now Glenn Beck assertions.

Riiiiight? No its not the issue. The issue is you can not be objective! You glossed over what you really did not want to deal with. You already gotten so many things wrong Big Dog. After lying in a report. It sure can call other things into question wouldn't you agree? You are just so sure of yourself...Shit did you just bring up looney tunes Becks name...okay ok now I see how your mind works.

I am putting together more info on this disorderly behaviour thing(reading more penal codes for that area...etc) and quite frankly he should have been arrested and guess what he was.

WRONG!!!!!Look whatever..don't put it together I want you to actually read and study and dissect it and learn it. Okay? I already understand disorderly behavior.

On a personal note. Gates would have had his cane shoved up his ass talking to me in that tone. That Bigdaddy is why im not a cop. Because by law i couldnt be as thick skinned as a cop is told to be.

Wow, very macho.I'm glad your not a cop. Prone to violent outbursts and sado-masochistic or more correctly stated "sadistic" tendencies.Temper Temper. Wow' like a petulant child.Can't control yourself. Well that explains a lot about you now and I understand why you gloss over facts.If you have not gotten help please get help somewhere. and take your damn medicine!

Heres the kicker dont accuse a white man of racism, call him out using MOMMA slams and ignore verbal commands while a peace officer is trying to do his job. This will surelly get you arrested, may not get your charged, but is sure defuses the situation and potential riotous behaviour.

I noticed your using language from the case. Here is the kicker. Don't accuse the black man who may have behaved not so nicely when you have a white cop who lies in reports. That calls into question his whole integrity as a cop. Maybe Gates did not say those things maybe he was just loud. Because Doggy remember that Crowley said in his report(that you did not obviously read very well)he determined Gates was in his home lawfully. It should have ended there and he should have left,, riotous behavior or not! Dude you let me down again. I thought you really had something for me.


Anonymous said...

BTW you can stop with the ego shit. I am, because this is a serious discussion to me now.

Anthony said: "Obstruction is interfering with a cops lawfully discharging his duties. You may or may not have a point there."

I do have a point here. Dont gloss over something that is pertinent to our discussion coupled with discretion being used by an officer in order to maintain peace and of course the Bigdaddies healthy respect for the law enforcement.

Oh and when i make a spelling error it is because i dont have enough time to look up each qestionable spelling i might have. Im being lazy but wich is more lazy? spell check?? or not looking it up? Its kinda trivial isnt it?

"But the rest of your comment you're totally leaving out the fact that Crowley lied in his report about what the witness said. So if he lied about that,what else did he lie about? That calls everything else into question.This
is the area you should also be concerned with but intentionally left out. Why?"

Im not intentionally leaving your concern out, nor mine on the same. Im just wondering before i can continue and based upon your reply. How one officers flawed report, not fabricated but corroborated by witnesses. So how a flawed report, or lie as you put it, affected Gates behaviour leading up to his arrest and a date of arraignment and then dismissal before arraignment?

Main concern of mine and your judgemnet on this.

"Obstruction is interfering with a cops lawfully discharging his duties"

I can agree with you to a point. That point was two warnings old, for me and you given your stance on air. Someone violating a peace officers order to keep the peace and not allowing him to perform his duty of peace keeping was secondery. This is obstruction,however to de esculate an immediate threat to the public it becomes a matter of discression. This in no way mirros the case you cited.

Based on Gates actions coupled with a congragating of people on campus, and the penal codes deeming a campus as grounds of public domain. It becomes a sincere matter of discretion and de esculation with said esculation by gates,i feel an arrest was needed for de esculation.....regardless of race?? right??

The cop was leaving to de esculate and the other party followed him out the door screaming momma slams esculating the lack of peace in a public domain, hence disorderly conduct.

Did gates provoke or intended to provoke the officer to react violently?

Do you agree?

I DO!!! but its hard to prove against the First Amendement. As being a huge supporter of the FA, I will side with Gates, but with an understanding of the cops stance and Gates esculation into disorderly conduct. Did you know Gates asked to be halled off?

Could the statements have provoked another bystander to violence?

Considering Harverd U. and Boston reputation for riotous behaviour. This event could have easily manifested and it could easily take root with gathering bystanders.. do you agree?

I dont so this is my reasoning. I know...suprise!! The gathering witnesses where very dissappointed in Gates behaviour and his arrest, under disorderly conduct laws a cops discression disabled a frightening progression but it seems the witnesses are just as fair minded as you and i.

Of course, the decision on this particular incident and regards to crime, happens later in court. At the scene, practically speaking, the officer has the discretion to arrest and charge disorderly conduct as he sees fit. That charge may or may not hold up in court, and often it doesn not. Realistically speaking the officer would probably not face any backlash and get a date with the pres.

Oh and i will show the difference in the case you posted me to read and you didnt read if need be. I suggest you bone up on it to have an informed discussion.I dont like using the agree to disagree statement so lets discuss further.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the woman that fingered Gates and his pal recieved threats about what she supposedly told the cop and since she lives and works in the area maybe she decided to change her story as to what she did tell the cop. We live in a hyper PC society where down is up etc. Hate speech laws are on their way as we slide into Second World Status.