Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How To Have An Affair.

Ok, Governor Sanford,you have to go away now. I am so sick and tired of hearing you wax poetically about your booty call in Argentina. Now unlike other people. I am not shocked that you right wingers are lying hypocrites and possibly mentally ill(to be explained in a later posting). But I have some rules for having a successful affair. First of all next time you leave the country do not do it on the taxpayers dime. Also tell the Lt Gov. that you have business out of town and to contact you if there are any problems. Tell your staff that your going to take some personal time. Also more importantly find out if there is a nude nature hike going on in the Appalachians before you use it as an excuse. Oh yeah don't condemn others for having an affair..eg..Bill Clinton. Now if you get caught please do not admit to anything...ok! If you do admit it please do not embarrass your wife by saying your little whore in Argentina is your "soulmate" and the commence to bragging about how many other lovers you had.(Anthony's note: all booty outside marriage is perceived as good that's because as a married man all the sex and blow jobs stop(known fact). So my recommendation is to resign you ass and if you can't keep vows to your wife how do you expect to keep your word to us.

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