Friday, July 17, 2009

Dating Woes!


Okay Steve McNair shot to death in his sleep in his sex shack. With two bullet wounds to his head and abdomen. Girlfriend age 20 found dead with single bullet wound to the head. Boxer Arturo Gatti found dead in his sleep(see a pattern here) believed to be strangled by her purse strap. His wife aged 23 claims she was in the room with him for ten hours but never discovered he was dead(yeah right). Her purse strap had his blood on it. Official cause of death in both these cases according to police was TWO VERY PISSED OFF AND NUTTY WOMEN! See folks the moral of this story is stay the hell away from hot young crazy chicks.I know their butts were hot and it made for great pushing later but.. Now as a world reknowned relationship and marriage expert. I know that hot young psycho chicks put out the most best and interesting booty known to man. But is it really worth it once they get pissed off at ya and then do you in? Get you an older and maturer women(not Weezy Jefferson old)bang her all day and night chances are you will stay alive. Look, let Governor Sanford be your guide. His ass is still alive right? So be careful, good booty is never worth your life. Also if you have a complicated history and you fight a lot remember... never! ever ever ever ever ever ever go to sleep in her presence or if you know she could show up later. Now in McNairs case this crazy broad was actually upset that he was nailing another woman outside of her and his wife...Remember hot nice chicks(not all)can be sexy, dangerous and deadly what you thought was a nice night of intense "coochie crushing",could turn into you assuming room temperature with the quickness(don't trust a nice butt and a smile). And Gatti's wife really wanted us to believe she was in the room for ten hours and never noticed he was not breathing riiiiight!!!! As a training aid, please view the following wavestation x dramatized videos above in the next posting for your info purposes only. Also please watch the Anthony approved movies dealing with this touchy subject:

A thin line between love and hate.
Fatal Attraction(poor guy).
The Ex(Actress Yancy Butler).
Play Misty for me.
Pulp Fiction.(not a crazed chick movie,matter of fact it has nothing to do with this posting but I put it in here anyway because it was such a kick ass movie)

Anthony's Note: I bet there is some prescriptions drugs somewhere involved with these women.Damn Walgreens!!

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