Friday, July 17, 2009

This is not right!

You know a great deal of students in school can't read or write. So you know what that means? That a majority of American kids can't even pronounce the name of the teachers they are having sex with.

excerpt: Heather Zeo, a 36-year-old married mother of three who teaches at North Penn High School in Pennsylvania, was arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her underage students. The student described how the relationship escalated from Facebook flirtations to sexual intercourse during a courtroom appearance.

Prosecutors say that Zeo engaged in a "calculated seduction" and that they "will be asking for jail time."

Zeo is also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with another underage student. She is currently out on bail. This Kid is 17 years old. In the state of Kansas 16 is the age of consent and Missouri its 17. I am so tired of these stupid laws. Lets make the age of consent one age and leave it at that. In some states its twelve years of age. I am not condoning what this women did(it's an abuse of power like when a Catholic priest does it) but please, come on, where were these ladies when I was in school? I promise them they would not have gotten in trouble. In the Vatican the age of consent is 13 years old. You know I would have gave her an apple(laced with a birth control pills from Walgreens)in my first period to ensure later they she got "her period"(know what I mean)! Lol. Btw everybody knows that in seduction everything is calculated(ask a priest) that's why its called seduction. Plus she is a math teacher, she calculates for a living. If not it would be called dating or marriage. At least give the kid a passing grade. Let the sex mean something.

This pisses me off below. They could have waited till he was older like the others.These teachers were tag teaming this thirteen year old. This is a travesty this is what I mean this is awful. Jail these women for indecent liberties with a child. But if they were at the Vatican this would be a non issue.

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