Monday, July 27, 2009

No Dog, Have "You" Read The Report?

Ok this is a response from a reader. You will notice that he almost seems arrogant, as if he is getting over on me. What he does not realize that he just goofed up.

"Ummmm...have you read the police report anthony??? I dont think you have, you may have read a few quotes posted by someone else, but i have read both officers reports. I havent found any witness reports written.

Gates report



I suggest you read it before you pop off about someone not being arrested for disorderly conduct on their private property.

What if, said property, wasnt thiers? Say they rented it? Was it on campus?

First off that home is owned by Harvard U. and rented by Gates. This wasnt mentioned in the report but can easily be found with a lil search on your part.

Secondly the campus police were there and witnessed Gates outbursts at wich you said you believe the report and his "stupidly" outbursts. They also have audio of this and it is clear Gates was the provoker and did follow the officer outside,with the officer content on leaving at this point, Gates continued blasting him with racial charged tirade and being disorderly (?on campus?) and was warned 2-3 times to stop acting disorderally according to the report. Did you know this? you would have atleast recognised sufficient warning was given...right??"

My Response!
As you read this you will see that I never covered for Gate's behavior. Bigdog(you could've also capitalized my name you know).I have read that report and dissected it. But you Bigdog, you did not read that report at least not closely.Because you just made so many mistakes(let me point them out to you). Plus I bet you that you do not understand police procedure. Because if you did, you would notice what's missing from those reports. First of all Lucia Whalen claimed she saw "some gentleman" not a black male. The 911 tapes backs her up on that claim. Which was reflected in Officer's Figueroa's report. But not Crowleys report..Why? He mentioned race by putting words in Whalen's mouth(see report). You don't lie in reports or make mistakes like that.Those are legal documents. Something else in Figueroa's report that was not in Crowley's report one was "de escalation". You see in police work if it's not in your report then it did not happen. Every street cop knows this. Crowley never exercised any level of tactical communications. It's part of the force continuum.

This is why I question that part of his account plus he lied in his report. How come you did not catch any of this Bigdog? How come when Crowley knew who Gates was he still called more cops and the campus police? He could have just left despite Gate's stupidity. How come he changed Whalen's words in the report? You see Bigdog your knowledge only goes so far, but don't feel bad. How could you have known that Crowley was the contact officer and his account would be paramount. Also I don't care that he is a profile expert appointed by a black cop. Because all that expertise did not translate into something positive that night did it? Plus whether you rent a house or own your home you can't be arrested in it unless what I layed out in that posting takes place. Its still your property. You see Bigdog does not realize how many times cops have been dispatched to rental units and have that person mouth off to them and that person does not go off to jail. So again if it was a slam dunk they would not have dropped charges. So Big dog your wrong again! You see doggy if you understood he concept of "verbal judo" or "interpersonal communication skills" then you would know that the cop is trained to be professional so the criminal is expected to be and asshole but not the cop.According to Crowley's report he did not de escalate the situation. If he did then where in the report does he say that or at least indicate it, can you answer that bigdog? And don't give me that audio recording because it has not been released yet. So who knows what's really on it. Have you heard it big dog? I bet you have not. Why have they not released it yet? Hopefully they will. Because if whats on there is truly on there it would be out there now. Got an answer for me litte dog?

Also please give me an answer to the rest of the posting of how the GOP hates cops.You were so silent on that issue. Cat got your tongue? Tell me your extent on Law Enforcement knowledge? And lets hope they release that tape you never heard.PS: I will not give you crap about your spelling. Plus please answer all these questions for me I dare you? Also readers check out that link for yourself

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