Friday, July 17, 2009

The Silly Reich(Right)!!

"If the court had turned down the case, and left it up to the Senate Gore would have cast the tie breaking vote. No doubt he would have voted for Bush.
You chimp now owns both wars. The new deaths on his head as well as the assbackwards tying to our troops hands."

Now please try not to laugh ok.. But the words above is an actual response from a Bush loving racist idiot who loves to post. It was in response to the I love Iran posting(see it for yourself). Can anyone make any sense of what this numbskull is talking about? Gore has not been in the Senate for years and now he refers to Obama as "Chimp" which I assume is a racial attack on his heritage. Then he criticizes the way Obama is prosecuting the war. But they never had anything to say about Bush. Folks this what I have been talking about. These guys have no leg to stand on and all they can respond with is silly racial attacks that's all they have left. You see racial bigots, your attacks on Obama and on myself is laughable. You have not once responding to any of these postings intelligently...why? Because you can't! You see, if your side actually had a message and really was smart then Bush would have left this country in better shape in which he found it. But that did not happen and the reason is simple. You guys are nutcases, you pine for a fictional character in the tv show 24. You bankrupted the country. There is no where in the world that any conservative policies or even Bush policies are working(if so name some)don't worry you can't and your time is up. Because you will not be able to. So what do you do?...Name call racially and politically and I understand that because that's the only card you stupid asses have left to play. I feel sorry for you losers. So please keep the racial stuff coming, so the smart people will have someone to talk about and laugh at..also don't bother responding intelligently to this because I already know that your not capable. So keep the chimp stuff coming its so funny. Oh btw don't forget to listen to Limabaugh that way your addled brain will know what you think and spew tomorrow..Luv ya:)

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