Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banned Commercial!

Now this Sprite commercial was banned in Europe. I can understand why. It would be inappropiate to have shown this on tv. What was Sprite thinking? Now I have spent time in Europe and nudity is a natural part of their culture which is interesting. Now on the other hand I love this commercial and I am posting it here for your enjoyment. I mean you have this man and woman and she gets a facial of Sprite(Hell yeah)! This commercial would never run in America. We would rather have our children watching violent images instead of two consenting adults engaging in an sexual activity. Btw I don't drink alot of soda but if I do I will be drinking Sprite!

Anthony's Note: She could brush up on her technique a little bit more.What a good girl.

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Anonymous said...

It was a good move since the people that put this out must have known that it was going to get banned. Now it will be widely put out over the net and seen by people world wide.