Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Love Maddow !

This is what I am talking about. This is what happens folks when you give the facts. The racists can't respond and they are shown to be very stupid. Check out how Maddow handles that little Nazi Pat Buchanan when he went on a racial tirade on MSNBC. Remember facts are kryptonite to these fascists.


Anonymous said...

He clobbered her.


Let's see what she has accomplished.

Anonymous said...

I will give it up that she is well educated not that she seems to have done much with her education. But it is understandable her hate for white straight males since she is a lesbo. I think many gays hate straight white males since they see them as a blocking force to their freedoms.


A thread about this topic from people who are not PC...


Marcus said...

Do you have any idea how retarded you look making these ridiculous statements? Pat Buchanan is about as worthless as they come. As a matter of fact, he's a fucking detriment to the country. The sooner he dies the better off the world will be.

Anonymous said...

Oh and since we are on the subject of facts..blah blah blah.

Wasnt president Obama the one who said that "we cant extrapolate from the facts". Thats what he said during a press confrence concerning his stupidily comments towards cops being racist against his friend Gates.I guess, according to the evil genius, Obama is a fascist.

What cat got your tongue?


Anonymous said...

Hey Marcus you Nazis why don't you just kill people you don't like and get it over with. Buchanan is at least twice as smart as your are. He is one man voicing his opnion but being a Nazis you don't like people that don't agree with you. Gay white lesbians do blame white males for all the problems in the world they can't blame black guys etc that would in their minds make them racist.

The sooner you die Marcus the better off the US will be. We have enough stupid people living here.

Marcus said...

Are you kidding me with your Nazi bullshit? Your boy Patty PukeCannon is a fucking defender of Nazis, remember Demanjuk? It would be nice if you idiots knew what you were talking about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the guy that was acquitted once: it is not old time Nazis control US foreign policy but Jewish influence with their Christian Dogs that do control it. By the by you are still not in Buchanan’s league.

You boy Obongo is going to leave how many troops in Iraq for how long? Oh that's right the name combat troops is gonig to be changed to support troops. Silly of me.

You are a Nazis in thought, Marcus. I could see you quite happily shoving people into gas chambers that disagree with you.

Marcus said...

He was aquitted of being Mr. Terrible, but it was proven he was a nasty nazi nonetheless. Your boy compared him to your god (well, one of your 3 gods, you filthy wannabe pagan).
"Jewish influence and christian dogs"? Is this George The Racist? You sure you don't mean catholic dogs? If only there was more "Jewish influence" instead of all the goddamn christian retards. We already separate the normal crazies in our society and place them in special facilities, I would let the religious join them. I know YOU long for someone to turn the gas chambers back on (your pychological projections are more than apparent) but, it won't be me. Your cult of death worshippers will be more likely to seek eyes for eyes.