Friday, July 03, 2009


Great she is stepping down,hell even the sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then!
Palin just announced that she is stepping down from office. Kudos to her for controlling this news cycle. Now this is no shock to anyone because she was not running or going to win re-election anyway. But if your a Fox News watcher then this would warm your heart. But to a WaveXer we know better. Just listen to these lies..OOps! I mean her reasoning for stepping down. Now at first glance it seems that this is such a noble thing to do. But if you remember Palin came under fire recently because the whore media finally did their job and reported on this secessionist group that ole Todd belonged to and she gave a speech to.(let Obama had done that). Btw she never worried about what Alaskans thought of her before,so why now? Plus she is all over the place with this announcement.Its like nailing gelatin against the wall,so many different directions,very disjointed. Sounds like a beauty queen over explaining things. Now you see I in my great Evilness question ole Caribou Barbie's intentions of this quick step down. Why is she doing it so early? Don't buy into this I am doing it for Alaska crap. Something is afoot up there and Believe me we will be hearing about it real soon. Don't believe Palin,that job is for people who thinks Fox News is real journalism. She is letting a lot of conservatives down. Also I am sure this stepping down has nothing to do with that 7 million dollar book deal she has or a possible criminal investigation into Troopergate. I think this move could hurt her(lets hope so).We will watch and see.

ANTHONY'S NOTE: Governor please learn how to use prepositions and know what they mean and please work on the inflections in your voice because you sound a little awkward!Also remember this is good for Obama because the only people who like you, are extreme right wing crazies. The republicans hate you and do not want you out there being a loose cannon and screwing things up for the party. She is not mainstream and a embarrassment to them. So Sarah I believe your announcement is a mistake and please keep up the good work.I mean you have only been the Gov for 2 1/2 years so thanks for not finishing what you started. I am sure this path will help you get to the whitehouse much quickly.Bless you child!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this is exactly the type of person this country needs in the White House. A quitter! She's awesome. A perfect gop candidate. Someone who can handle the pressure. Go Palin!