Sunday, July 26, 2009


From time to time I speak in Anthonese and I want my fans to learn it also so. Now when you see these words now you will know the meaning behind it.

WIMPS: Democrats-excluding Paul Begala,Carville,Obama,Clintons,Al Franken,Maddow,Olbermann and Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews.

CHUBBLE-Trouble that fat republicans cause.(eg That Limbaugh always seems to cause alot of chubble).

MENTALLY ILL: Neo Cons or anyone who watches Fox News.

REFUND GAP: Women that have a large gap between their fake breasts(Kelly Conway..etc)

JACK BAUER: Any NeoCon man with a large forehead or twentyfour head(NeoCons have this strange gay love for fictional character Jack Bauer).

SHIM:Woman who looks like a man(eg Ann Coulter)

HELMET SPECIAL: A retard(Sarah Palin or W.Bush or anyone who believes in this Obama birth certificate conspiracy)

BISSUE:Bitch with issues.

BLAST: holding someone accountable.

BUCKET SEATS: Woman with a very nice butt(also see Duffle and Backpack)

Cadirack: A really ugly person.Also see "FUGLY" Fucking ugly!

CRYTO-CAKEBOY: A secretly heterosexually identified homosexual male who hates his own kind(usually republican).

VIOLENT DRUNK: Drunk violent women(created after conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham got drunk and went over to her boyfriends house and broke out all of his windows and threatened him on the answering machine).Also see bissues.

LIQUID PANTY REMOVER(LPR):Booze! Anything that gets the panties off quickly and the party started right just ask Argentinian booty tapper and Republican Governor Mark Sanford.

More to come!

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