Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Idiotic Quote!

"Leave it to a weak minded liberal to defend a Muslim thug murderer by trying to conflate other groups with Islam. For some reason you seem to have a hard on for Muslims. Maybe you could be kind enough to point out from the Christian groups, you listed that is assuming that all of them are actually Christian the date and time that they attacked a US military instillation killing and wounding dozens. Plus I should add that most Neo-Nazis are not Christians. I also doubt that members of the Order are Christian since they hate Jews and Jesus was a Jew. There are also different branches of Skinheads some who are secular/liberal. The Klan doesn’t really even exist anymore…it is mainly filled with FBI informants.
I wonder what would have happened if say an open Christian had been serving in the Saudi military and had done the same thing that the Muslim shooter had done…what would the reaction had been there?
Face it…as a jelly belly teary eyed, sap sucking, tofu liberal you simply can’t stand anyone that disagrees with you. Like most of your kind you are nothing more than a thug/communist."
-Stupid Palinista(redundant) pretending that terrorism is defined as shooting up a military installation and being a muslim.

I will not go into how stupid this response was from this Palinista. Remember no one has defended this shooter at all on this site. But this guy wants to play down the acts of these groups. Because in his mind when your white its ok to murder and pillage. Lets take for instance his claims the klan doesn't exist and filled with FBI agents which is just so Palin stupid. There is just not enough agents to go around for such an operation,plus that's what informants are for. The skinheads do have different groups, but I was referring to the christian racist ones...every one on that list has been researched and studied. And as far as doubting if they are really christian just pull up their websites sometime. Now contrary to what every Palinista believes..I already am studying the events in Texas.But unlike the racists I understand facts and I will not engage in innuendo or propaganda or guilt by association or just plain out lying. I also get the impression that this guy does not understand what a liberal is and is spewing the extreme right wing Fox News hatred. I mean look at his words he is using(he doesn't really like himself) so in essence he is really talking about himself.


Marcus said...

Wow, that post is stunningly stupid, Palin would be proud. It's no mystery why whoever they are chooses to remain anonymous and shows that they realize how they look- so they're not completely retarded, just debilitatingly retarded. Surely this person, who wants to seem educated, has heard of the No-True-Scotsman fallacy. If not, his comment is riddled with it. Also, what the fuck is with advocating Saudi methods? You want sharia you're in the wrong country. So dumb, what's to blame?
Religion is like AIDS. All religion. It weakens part of your mind, like AIDS attacks the immune system, and religion makes folks more suceptable to succumbing to whatever fucked up ideas are in their crooked rotten brains. Something that most people can recognize as a crazy thought and dicard gets more play in the weakened mind of the religious, like AIDS making a person suffer more from the effects of a common cold (maybe even die). The problem isn't which religion you have, at best it's only a symptom but maybe (probably) religion itself is the poison.

Anonymous said...

Um, let us wander through this mind field of your wood infested, dead and dying brain if we can. I was going to give you credit for coining the term ‘Palinista’ but then looked it up and alas saw that you simply reguritated someone elses creatvieness. So onto the hunt, let the games begin. I didn’t downplay any of the alleged crimes committed by the groups you listed. Each group has its own history and as it has been written: the winners write the history. The Klan has nowhere near the power and influence that it once had in this country; it is a former ghost of itself at best and now nothing more than a place where loosers can congregate as well as FBI informants. When was the Order active? Maybe you can list the military base its members attacked or even just one member. Coming back to the main highway of how you started this pointless discussion the fact is that you didn’t just stick to the Muslim shooter but you just had to minmize his actions by bringing up the actions of indviduals in other groups tied in with their possible religious beliefs which by the way in the case of Neo Nazis many of them are not Christian contrary to what you and other liberals might like to think. Most people that you can place in the boxes you listed hate Jews – and since Jesus was a Jew why would they worhip someone they hate? And the Old Testament God his choosen people were…drum roll…Jews. I have to say that you aren’t that well infomed on what you think you know. I mean your understanding of science revolves around Pop Psychology 101. What you stated: ‘Because in his mind when your white its ok to murder and pillage,’ is a good example of you practicing projection no doubt learned from your Pop Psychyology class. I never made any such claim. Maybe the Klan did some pilliaging back in the day but I think that it is a stretch to impart that to the other groups you mentinoed…though you could just be playing a little tongue and cheek action on me. Now if you want to get into the murder, raping, pillaging rates of blacks in this country then let’s do it.
Just to be clear on the word liberal here you go:
The reason I say that Most liberals are closet communist is because too many of them don’t really believe in free speech. They support hate crime laws, hate speech laws, and they support a spoil system based on percieved group victim rights. As far as Fox News is concernced I don’t watch the show…I don’t even have a TV but no doubt you watch Fox News all the time…now your Pop Psychology would tell you that you have a deep seated need to either be Saran Palin or a white Southern Republican.

Anthony said...

Well first of all the denying on your part that most white supremacists organizations are not christian is just so stupid to the educated person. you see some groups believe he was not a jew. Hey you Palinista, The Order killed KOA Denver Talk show host Alan Berg. Gunned him down in his driveway. I know Mr. Palinista(I never claimed ownership of that word btw)that you wold love to play down the bad things that whites do. That's your M.O. You play up anything non white. Basically in essence your saying that you are not capable of being accountable. You just blame others...what a loser! Plus btw the way since Obama got elected hate groups memberships have surged upwards/ So spare me the ususal rightwing dribble you spew.

Anonymous said...

You should get your facts straight, Mr. Pig.

Alan Berg

They targeted Berg not only because he was Jewish, but also because he ridiculed them and their leaders on the air, prosecutors contended.

Berg billed himself as "the man you love to hate." But in 1994, Judith Berg told The Denver Post that the private man wasn't much like the raging, controversial personality he presented on the air.

"He wanted people to look at themselves and to be conscious of their thoughts — to take responsibility for their attitudes and decisions," she said. "The angry image was largely shtick."

Norm Early, who was Denver's district attorney then, declined to prosecute on murder charges, saying the evidence wouldn't stand up in court.

Violating his civil rights

Federal authorities tried four suspects in 1987, and the two found guilty were convicted of violating Berg's civil rights. Lane, then 49, was sentenced to 150 years. Pierce, then 33, got the same, in addition to sentences on other charges stemming from the robberies in the Northwest.

As far as playing down what whites have done in history I didn’t do that at all other than to say that Conquerors redefine the past to sit easier on their shoulders.

Killing Japanese didn't bother me very much at that time... I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal.
Curtis Lemay

Simply pointing out what is happening around me and in the world doesn’t make me a looser at all. You don’t like the message so you figure that you will blow up the messenger. Typical assassination method perfected by the ‘left’.

Keep your Pop Psychology memes to yourself or just keep using it around your tofu circle of Obongo sycophants.

Lastly I don’t really trust what the ADL reports or the SLPC both groups make a nice living selling their own versions of hate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcus for the insults but I am not writing responses on wastewater bogs like this for a term paper in logic. I think your own reading skills are a bit lacking.

I would pick apart what you attempted to convey but I am not sure that I can get down to your one brain cell level.

Lastly your suppostion that I want to seem educated is silly but then you must have taken the same Pop Psychology class that Anthony took.

Religon gives people strength and hope all you can give is No-True-Scotsman fallacy something you didn't even think up on your own.

Anthony said...

Wow your stupid palinista. Whether he berated his callers or not. He is still dead at the hands of the order either way.

Marcus said...

Religion gives the hope that you get some kind of reward after you die if you murder certain people (abortion doctors, jews, infidels, etc.). Your brain is sick, seek help.

Anonymous said...

Anthony you should really try and stay on point; I know how difficult that is for you from your earlier glue sniffing days but really get a grip.

You couldn't bring up an example where the Order attacked and killed military people on a military base. You tried equating the actions of a few people some of whom could be called Christian with a Dog Sucking Muslim Major. I am tied of belaboring these points but one more time many not all Neo Nazis are not Christians that is, simply a fact. There are factions in all the groups you mentioned maybe that was the obtuse parallel you were trying to draw the Muslim coward and his fellow Muslims. Nowhere did I say that all Muslims are terrorists. The bottom line has always been was this Muslim Major just a nut, or a religious nut. Political Correctness let this guy be a loose cannon.

Anthony said...

You think your so clever Palinista.
I never made the claim that the order or any other supremacist organization ever attacked a military installation.I dare you to find anywhere where I made that claim? You ar trying to change the argument beacause you realize you have no substance.What I said was is that you define terrorism as a muslim attacking a military installation which was so stupid of you. Then I brought up examples of christians engaing in terrorist acts. Now I want to give you a challenge which should be easy Palinista. Send me some examples of neo nazi skin heads and other white supremacists that are not christian or believe in jesus or any judeo christian ethic? I am tired of going the rounds with you fascist dog. Put up or shut up!

10:57 AM, November 15, 2009

Anthony said...

Oh Btw Palinista . In regards to these racists non christian organizations your going to to find for me. I need you also to cite examples of them attacking and killing. Get to work :)

Anonymous said...

You really need to get out more.

But it is certain that, under all this talk about "positive Christianity," there was, from the beginning, in every thoughtful National Socialist, the feeling that Germany in particular and the Aryan world at large need a new religious consciousness, entirely different from and, in many ways, in vigorous contrast to the Christian one; nay, that such a consciousness is already lurking in the general discontent, disquiet, and scepticism of the modern Aryan, [5]

My other surprise was finding out that there are indeed a certain number of modern-day Norse Pagan/Asatru/Heathen groups that embrace ideas of racial superiority that are somewhat Nazi-like. Some of these are openly neo-Nazi, and the question then arises as to whether these are really "Pagans" at all or just Nazis posing as Pagans and manipulating Pagan symbolism, mythology and traditions much as the original Nazis did. I think the truth is that today, while many, and probably the majority of modern-day Norse Pagans completely reject Nazism and its attendant racism and anti-Semitism, there is a certain minority of Norse Pagans who inhabit a belief system that either slightly echoes, or even openly endorses, Nazi attitudes and ideas about race and related issues. My Asatru friends who completely reject all such racism and fascism will have to be vigilant in rejecting and refuting this line of thinking, as it has not gone away, it is still out there.

'McVeigh Had the Right Idea'
Both Scutari and Georgacarakos, a convicted cocaine dealer from Maine, are frequent contributors to the White Order's publications. And so is Mark Kowalski, who is serving a 12-year sentence for bombing an NAACP office in Tacoma, Wash., in July 1993. Kowalski had hoped to ignite a race war with his attack.

"The truth is that many Russian politicians believe in a 'cultural racism,'" said Alexander Vinnikov, of For Russia Without Racism. "And even if extremist activists are from time to time arrested, on the whole racist ideas do not meet the rejection of the Russian population. This problem is not going away."

Like thousands of Africans every year, Kanhem Leon came to Russia in search of the education that would give him a better life back home in Cameroon. Instead, the devout Christian was stabbed by a gang of skinheads in St Petersburg on Christmas Eve and left to die in the snow.

Actually I said in essence that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck.

PC gave this guy a pass why don't you address that?

Anonymous said...

Pray to the Google God and mana falls...

Lane and Scutari were already heroes on the radical right. Both are serving what amount to life sentences for their crimes as members of The Order, a terrorist group that in the early 1980s robbed more than $4 million in armored car heists and murdered a Jewish talk show host in Denver.

Anthony said...

Well just like I figured you failed. You showed me no evidence of non racist skinheads or other white supremacists committing murder that does not have god as a center of their beliefs. You really need to take a closer look at the links you sent me. I included some links of my own. that article you sent was wrong about the situation with the nazi's church. pathetic

Anonymous said...

You were talking about the Christian God, not Pagan or others.
When someone says Christian everyone should know what that means.
Why anyone would want to tar Christians with the same brush is beyond me(not so subtle sarcasm).

What is surprising to me is your ignorance on these subjects. Why do you think that wearing Pagan symbols can make you stereotyped in Europe I believe even the racist ADL points that out?

I will check out what you are rambling on about when I have more time. I have a few villages I have to rape, pillage and plunder.

Out of left field:

Now that is what Socialism buys you a bunch of ungrateful people getting free medical, housing, money etc still wanting more. Let's hope there is a house cleaning in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Marcus said...
Religion gives the hope that you get some kind of reward after you die if you murder certain people (abortion doctors, jews, infidels, etc.). Your brain is sick, seek help.

2:59 AM, November 15, 2009

Why did you put Jews by themselves? They would be infidels like you.

Lastly religion can turn people into lunatics but they were more than likely already walking down that path anyway. Most people gain something from can dismiss it all you want but I wonder if you would really want to live in a world where only science ruled. Science has let the masses down too many times for them to throw away their plastic Gods.

Dont try and pretend to be something that you are not Marcus.
Neither you nor Anthony have all the answers. Put your faith in science too much and you might get classed as useless.

Anthony said...

First of did you know that he christians are considered the first pagans? I asked you about examples of non racists non religious neo nazi's not some stupid pagan history.
You do know whatt neo means don't you?

Anonymous said...

heathen: a person who does not acknowledge your god
a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)
hedonist: someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
heathen: not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

relating to or characteristic of Christianity; "Christian rites"
a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ

How you are equating someone that believes in Norse Gods with Christ is fascinating to say the least.

As to Chrisians being the first Pagans I will bite but then what does that make Jews?

It may be true that there is some blurring between some Pagan Rites and Early Christianity but that would hardly classify them as First Pagans.

I suppose you could call them Post Pagan but there is no way that someone that worships say Odin would confuse him with the Jew God.

Days of the week: the common names used in the English speaking western world are actually derived from the ancient pre-Christian gods of Europe, as follows.

Face it you simply threw out some half truths and got caught.

Lastly how dare you insult Odin you, cur

As to your very last point as you try obfuscate your way out of your own confusion I don’t know every Neo Nazis on the planet but I am sure that you could find some that would buy into the idea of a rational scientific approach to governance. If you want me to find some New Nazi that has committed a terrorist act without being influenced by some kind of God that might be hard to do but then again the Columbine killers might fit that bill.

Anthony said...

Well I guess you are wrong,because the powers that be at that time considered the christian's to be pagans. this is not a matter of opinion.Now as far the neo nazi argument that you loss btw.You and you only made the claim that you knew of neo nazi's who were not christian and committed acts of violence. That is what this whole debate has been over. I knew you were not telling the the truth from the start....!

Marcus said...

"Why did you put Jews by themselves? They would be infidels like you."-anonymous

I don't consider Jews to be infidels because I use the definition that an infidel doesn't worship any gods. You can call them infidels because they don't worship the same ones you do.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you are wrong,because the powers that be at that time considered the christian's to be pagans. this is not a matter of opinion.Now as far the neo nazi argument that you loss btw.You and you only made the claim that you knew of neo nazi's who were not christian and committed acts of violence. That is what this whole debate has been over. I knew you were not telling the the truth from the start....!

Weak replies but what else could one expect from an Obongo supporter. List some references to prove what you have stated otherwise it is just your opinion. The only way the second part of what your saying could be true is if Pre-Christian Gods, Deities, etc were Christian which they obviously were not you loose.

Definitions of pagan on the Web:
• heathen: a person who does not acknowledge your god
• a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)
• hedonist: someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
• heathen: not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

Anonymous said...


Sponsored linksThe Infidels at Amazon
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in·fi·del (nf-dl, -dl)
1. Offensive An unbeliever with respect to a particular religion, especially Christianity or Islam.
2. One who has no religious beliefs.
3. One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle.


[Middle English infidele, from Old French, from Latin nfidlis, disloyal : in-, not; see in-1 + fidlis, faithful (from fids, faith; see bheidh- in Indo-European roots).]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

infidel [ˈɪnfɪdəl]
a person who has no religious belief; unbeliever
1. rejecting a specific religion, esp Christianity or Islam
2. of, characteristic of, or relating to unbelievers or unbelief

This whole thread was started in reference to the Muslim Pig that killed 13 Americans in cold blood. The chance of him not calling Jews infidels is low.
Now I understand that you, like Anthony support this Muslim Pig but I think it is fair to say that most Muslims would rank non beliving Muslims as infidels. It is true that if Christians and Jews pay a religious tax money grubbing Muslims will leave them alone for the most part.

Marcus said...

Are you wanting a semantic argument about the definition of "infidel"? I'll pass. I don't care if you want to call jews infidels. It just helps show your religion for what it really is and makes you nearly indistinguishable from what you call "muslim pigs".

Marcus said...

Also, about the paganosity of christians, you have three gods (making you a pagan). You have Yahweh (same as jews) but you add Yeshua (Yahweh in his Edgar Suit) and the Holy Phantom to give yourselves the "Trinity".