Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tancredo Goes "S.S.Bitch"!

It looks like former congressman Tom Tancredo got beat up for using the GOP's handbook of talking crap. It seems Tancredo who has, just like his friend Dick(five deferments)Cheney never served his country. But sure talks alot of smack about how veterans feel about the health care bill. Now his ass got handed to him by a real veteran Markos Moutlitsas when he told the truth about Tancredo's deferment. So instead of manning up and apologizing for lying or even staying to defend his position,the little boy got all sensitive all of a sudden(btw the gop insults everybody all the time)so he did the usual GOP response when caught lying...he played "sensitive scared bitch" and then runs off camera much like Coulter did when she had her ass handed to her for lying and having the truth told.Remember these guys lie so much that they can't help it and the only way to fight them is use the facts. This is the reason why they hate me and this website because I tell it like it is. They never complain about Hannity or the other Palinistas do they?????

Moutlitsas made a quip about Tancredo using the depressed excuse after his other deferments ran out. What this referenced to was Tancredo's having obtained 1-Y status in 1970,after his other student deferments ran out(sound familiar)so he did not want to go war on the grounds that he had been "diagnosed with depression when he was 16 or 17 and received medication for five years for panic attacks and bouts of anxiety and depression." Tancredo was 24 at the time.(Yeah Riiight).Remember,its one thing to oppose war, be vocal about it and get genuine student deferments. Then it is to claim you had a bump on your ass(Limbaugh).Or you had better things to do(Cheney/Rumsfeld).I would make you a bet that the biggest advocates of war on the GOP side are always the guys who played "BITCH" when it was their time to go. Wanna make a bet you Palinistas?

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John said...

This is nothing new with Trancredo bugging out when a interview gets hot. When he was running for President in 2008 he wrote a book about his views on immigration.
He did all the talkshows (rightwing) of course but was suppose to come on Alan Colmes radio show on Fox radio but he didn't show up. (What a Bitch!!!)

A lot of these warhawks Republicans
(chickenhawks) never served and are real good at sending our guys and gals overseas when a war is on. Funny this same party don't like to fund those wars or take care of vets when they get back home. But they have the reputation of being pro military. Right!!!!!!

Sen Tom Colburn is holding up legislation for Vet care for Vets wounded from the current wars cause he says "How we gonna pay for it???" Gee didn't stopped the "paper hanging SOB" when he voted to go to war without paying for it and I'm sure he was vocal when it was found out that funding for Iraq and Afganistan was gonna be well non existent. NOT!!! to he was vocal.