Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passive Aggressive Carrie.

Carrie needs to go away. I mean why go on a show when you know you will be questioned about the controversy that made you news in the first place. We all know that she made some kind of sex tape. Well the story goes that she tried to sue the pageant and they said really well here is a sextape we want to show you. Then all of a sudden Carrie did not want to sue anymore(I love how that played out that's how you do it hit where it hurts). I do not feel sorry for her. She is the one traveling the country and talking about her morals and Christ and all these thing,meanwhile having this tape of slapping ass that she thought no one would find. Now the little tart is saying "Christians are not perfect"..Well I knew that, but please tell them to stop acting like they are.. What a hypocrite!! She does not want to talk about it. Remember that folks next time you you make a tape and your ass is high in the air,plus Palin is her hero hmmmmmm? So she threw a hissy fit on Larry King just watch..... Also click on title link.


Marcus said...

I hate when they claim copyright on a clip that is only a few minutes long. Was it from a partner user? Were they making money off it? Did they not explain why they were posting the clip? Did they give no credit to Tales From The Crypt (or whatever show that clip was from)? I've read the Terms of Use for YouTube and I don't see where this clip violated them.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the sex tape and topless photo? What? I need all the facts before I make up my (dirty) mind.