Friday, November 20, 2009

Proud To Be An Elitist!

Hey folks, I know you have been seeing this footage of Palin's five chapter tome that has just been released. I am proud to see the real conservatives starting to speak up for themselves when it comes to this lady. Plus I am just loving this Palin cultist scourge that has been foisted on the public by the media. You see these people...these (birthers,deathers,neo cons,fox news watchers) are blinded by their own mad dog beliefs and most of them hate Obama because of his skin and they do not and I repeat do not care about facts. You see I hear from the top cultist of them all Mr. Limbaugh who says that the country is conservative....Really? If that was true then repubs would win every election we have ever had..Right? Well we know that's stupid and not true. They are just as bad as the liberals. They think that their side is only the right side.They think that anyone who disagrees with them is liberal or socialist,communist or hate America. You've heard it all, its like a broken record with these people. They love to call anyone who is not like them elitist or if you believe in science you're still an elitist.They oppose embryonic stem cell research because these twisted F**ks actually believe and make the claim that these STEM CELLS are ....believe it or not(try not to laugh ok).....BABIES!!! I mean when is the last time you had to burp or change the diaper on a damn stem cell? Its because of their religion and it makes them stupid. Plus these provincial rubes wants their way and wants their bible in every class room. Like that will makes us safer. I mean people are getting shot in churches all day long so that won't keep us safe. They are not accountable for any of their actions....and if they are please give me an example? They love to complain about the very same thing they are guilty of. The whore media is allowing these dumb asses time as if its a valued view point of view's not! Remember the founding fathers when they made those wonderful documents. They did not ask for or allow any input from those backwoods provincial booger eating, shit stomping, cousin fuckers. It was done by the educated and enlightened people of the day, from all view points that were rational. So this Palin thing is interesting in the sense that she did not go the normal book tour route. She went to the places where she would get lots of support. So of course she got crowds. But lets see if she can pull those same crowds in LA or Chicago or New York...I think not! Palin is poison to the GOP and I love her for it. Remember they lost a seat in the 23rd district in NY that has not had a Dem in it since the civil war because of her. Now of course they say it was because of voter fraud...Yeah right! I just think that Palin is so far right she scares normal people. Keep up the good work Palin. Every time I see you on the screen I smile to myself and say the word thank you under my breath.Don't let those two governor races in NJ/Virginia fool you. Those guys were going to lose anyway. But Obama did a stupid thing and went to campaign for a loser. But maybe the critical thinking enlightened repubs will fight this fight and put these rubes back in the closet where they belong. Ok here is a video of Laura Ingraham being a hypocrite.

More hypocrisy From Laura.

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