Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are Only The Muslims Terrorists???

Okay, it looks like the racist Palinistas(redundant)are working overtime to throw half truths and sometimes outright lies on that nutcase who shot up the soldiers at Fort Hood. I mean I heard a local talk show host actually say this..not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim. Hmmmm really I mean even the IRA and Shining Path? What about the Baader-Meinhof Gang or even the Action Directe,or hell don't let me leave out all the wonderful christian terrorist groups....Armed Forces of National Liberation
Aryan Nations
Christian Patriots Defense League
The Covenant
Jewish Defense League
Ku Klux Klan
The Order
Posse Comitatus or bka Christian Identity

You just have to love these racists. I mean come on isn't their stupidity just so darn cute? I dare any one of them to defend thes groups I just mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to a weak minded liberal to defend a Muslim thug murderer by trying to conflate other groups with Islam. For some reason you seem to have a hard on for Muslims. Maybe you could be kind enough to point out from the Christian groups, you listed that is assuming that all of them are actually Christian the date and time that they attacked a US military instillation killing and wounding dozens. Plus I should add that most Neo-Nazis are not Christians. I also doubt that members of the Order are Christian since they hate Jews and Jesus was a Jew. There are also different branches of Skinheads some who are secular/liberal. The Klan doesn’t really even exist anymore…it is mainly filled with FBI informants.
I wonder what would have happened if say an open Christian had been serving in the Saudi military and had done the same thing that the Muslim shooter had done…what would the reaction had been there?
Face it…as a jelly belly teary eyed, sap sucking, tofu liberal you simply can’t stand anyone that disagrees with you. Like most of your kind you are nothing more than a thug/communist.

John said...

Looky here "Assholymous",

Any act of violence when loss of life is in my opinion is a terroist act. What happen at Fort Hood to killing a doctor that performs abortions. (last time I checked Paul Hill and Scott Roeder were rightwing christans) Gee don't forget David Koresh and Jim Jones. Oh and the Nazi's who didn't mind using christian symbols to prove thier wacked out theories. Here is another nugget for yah. The last Zsar of Russia (Nicholas II) had a book plublish I believed called "The Threat Of International Jewery" to used against jews in Russia during the pogroms. This inspired things like the holocaust and antisemitism that we still deal with from the likes of your kind even today.

But here is another point that you proably haven't heard or read about. Major Hasan is being tried in a military court by the military. Why is that??? Well the military doesn't see a terrorist connection with his actions on that tragic day. Gee I think that is a important distinction that is missed by the likes of well idiots like you.

I'm not speaking for Anthony when I say I have no problem with somebody who disagree with me I just find your personal attacks to be really juvenile and the mind of simpleminded "assKlown". You might not have been hugged a lot or your still dealing with other issues but cut out the personal attacks and your free speech isn't being challenged just your opinion.

"I have no problems with opinions I just want to hear informed ones."

Harland Ellison