Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Pissed Off A Shim!

"You shouldn't assume that everyone that post on your sorry blog is male, but being a misogynistic pig you simply rut to your own nature. Plus you try a slight of hand at morale equivalency which really means you have no actual morals. I realize that being a liberal makes you weak minded and easily led by a charismatic fascist like Obongo, but I have a low opinion of Palin. I would never support her just for being a woman unlike you Acorn carbon copies. If Palin became President Goddess help us all, pigs like you would suddenly start talking about a village losing its number one idiot. But since your ‘boy’ is President we have to respect him. If the shooter had been a white male Christians you and other fascist leftists' would have been smacking your lips with glee but since the shooter is a non white murderous Muslim we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you should become a Muslim and move to Iran where you can live in freedom and justice."
-A "Shim" Palinista trying shamelessly to disavow Palin and talking in absolutes and making it very apparent that "Shim" has not read the entire blog.


Anonymous said...

Let me make this clear to you Mr. Pig. I do not support Palin. If she runs against Obongo she will lose. But unlike you, I don’t worship a charlatan like your ‘boy’ Obongo. Sooner or later you and other Obongo lovers will have to quit blaming Bush for all the problems that the US finds herself in.

Anthony said...

Well Mrs or Mr Shim you will not find anywhere in this whole blog site where I proclaim or give the impression I worship Obama. Bush your "devil" Bush screwed this country up for eight years. If your view point really worked then this country would have been in great shape when the "devil" left office. But that did not happen. But you Palinistas love to blame Clinton for every thing and every failings of your side, lets blame Clinton. You Palin lovers are so pathetic :)

Anonymous said...

First off let’s get a few facts in about Clinton. He was an okay president except for bombing Kosovo, playing with the Jew though I think she was sent to him to torpedo his presidency because he was close to forcing a deal on the Jews in Israel. The only thing I really didn’t like about him was that he was as phony as a two dollar bill especially when he brought the terrorist Mandela out using the man as a fig leaf to cover for not having sex with that woman.

Clinton was actually a decent conservative good ole boy from the south: after all he had no problem not staying the execution of a retarded black guy back in his home state.

Anonymous said...

Bush is a devil...that is funny coming from atheist. Of course, Bush screwed up the country all by his self. Amazing: Congress and the Senate had no input. Now if only Gore had won. We would all be debt free.