Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Told You So!

Oh man on man I knew it was only matter of time. I talked about it in a posting earlier.I knew it was only a matter of time,I suppose,before the wingnuts tried to maliciously and deceitfully connect the Fort Hood shooter to the Obama White House. I just didn't expect it would take less than 24 hours. And of course the perpetrator is the reliably wrong conspiracy-meister Jerome Corsi, writing at the conspiratorial WorldNetDaily: Click on link for article..They claim he was advisor to Obamas transition team.. Of course this is an boldface outright lie. But when did the Palinistas ever let facts get in their way.I just loved the false headline "shooter advised Obama"

here is the truth from media matters..

"WorldNetDaily falsely claimed that alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan "advised Obama transition" in the headline of an article by Jerome Corsi highlighting his listing as a "participant" in a report for the Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) at George Washington University's Presidential Transition Task Force. However, Corsi himself acknowledges that there is no evidence that "the group played any formal role in the official Obama transition" -- indeed, the Task Force was initiated in April 2008. Moreover, while Hasan was listed as one of approximately 300 "Task Force Event Participants" in the report's appendix, HSPI has reportedly said he was not a "member" of the Task Force, and was listed because he RSVP'd for several of the group's open events."

I can hardly wait for the next Glenn Beck episode.

The fact that it is bullshit of course, guarantees that Glenn Beck will run with it. We can now look forward to a “the Fort Hood killer advised the Obama transition team” line to be shortened to calling him “an Obama adviser”. You just watch.


Anonymous said...

This is typical: The Left media running for the bushes.

“When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad.

Anonymous said...

His fellow students complained to the faculty about Hasan's "anti-American propaganda," but said a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim student kept officers from filing a formal written complaint.

This can be laid at the feet of liberals and their Tin Pot leader: Obongo. PC gone deadly...

Anthony said...

Sure it does Palinista.Wow I guess you gotta blame somebody huh!

Anthony said...

Bullshit! If that's true then his crazy ass should have been investigated.But still no one has refuted the evidence in my posting. So you guys get to work there is some lying to be done :)