Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Cultists Are At It Again

This is what happens when the aforementioned stupidity in the last post is allowed to run wild and unchecked(click on post title).

Rumors about gun confiscations. Angry protests about the government's tax policies, replete with Nazi comparisons.
A resurgent militia movement. Rage at the election of a president deemed to be illegitimate and threatening.
Distrust and anger toward the government fueled by paranoia and conspiracy theories.

They are among the cross currents of anger and hostility that have swept certain sectors of the country since Obama
took office nearly a year ago. And they are contributing to "a toxic atmosphere of rage in America," according to the
Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which today issued a report looking at the various sources that have given rise to a
climate of anti-government fervor in the United States.

Since Obama became president we have seen a tremendous amount of anger and hostility," said Abraham H. Foxman,
ADL National Director. "There is a toxic atmosphere of rage in America being witnessed at many levels, and it raises
fundamental questions for our society."

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It figures you would put comments on your site from a racist Jew.