Thursday, November 05, 2009

Please God and lil baby Jesus Let It Be True!

Well as I predicted on this blog, the moderates are fighting back the stupid neocon right wingers. The 23rd district went to a democrat and that has not happened since the civil war. The Palinistas did a good job by offering their support and then this guy loses BIGTIME...hahahahaha. This was a rejection of neocon politics, their time is up. Now they will spin it by saying it was no bigdeal and they won two governor seats,because independents broke for the GOP (which is true) and this is a referendum on Obama(it's not true)Do they ever take responsibility for their actions???(no its always some liberals fault). So the dems better wake up. But rest assured that their victory means absolutely nothing on the federal level and independents like myself are ephemeral. Congress got another dem in. So to the Fox news watchers please keep up the good work and and keep the hate coming. I can't wait to post your stupid comments.


Anonymous said...

The joys of diversity...

Islam the Religion of peace...

Hahahahaha now that is funny as hell.

President Obongo: Don't bother me I have to stand in front of my mirror and admire myself.

John said...

The late Thomas "Tip" O'Neal once said "all politics is local".The election on tuesday proved that saying is true. The races in Virgina and New Jersey went to the Republicans because they ran toward the center.

The congressional races in NY 23rd was interesting because the democrat in a strong republican district won by running on Obama's agenda. It also helped that the canidate from "Beck" didn't live in the district and really didn't know the issues of the 23rd. (Gee saw this guy on Beck and came away with the feeling that this guy was a REBEL "without a clue". Lonsome Rhodes was holding his hand and coaching him through the ordeal (I mean interview). Nicccce!!!

Also there was a congressional race in California where the democrat beat another republican in a area which was moderate to conservative. The Democratic canidate ran on the Obama issues and he won.

What this tells me is that the President's agenda is popular or people in the district get the issues when the canidate spells it out and not rest on talking points from other people outside the district. (ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL)