Friday, November 20, 2009

Interesting Quote!!

"Have you noticed how few "intellectuals" there are in the Republican Party? Seriously, they are a bunch of rednecks,
skinheads, racists, misogynists and uneducated simpletons. And like Beck and Limbaugh, they are too stupid to realize it.Their IQ hovers around their belt size. It blows me away how really moronic they are. These are on the lower end of the
scale of humanity. They cannot be educated. They will never change."-Susan(obviously an intelligent person.

I disagree with Susan on a few points. I think that Limbaugh plays a game with his unsuspecting listeners. He is just gaming them on their stupidity. Beck may be another one also.You can still be educated and also be close minded I mean look at Coulter,Ingraham on the far right and some of the Peta and others on the far left. But other than that she is exactly right on the money about the rest of those unenlightened idiots!


John said...

The Republican Party as a whole I think have a lot of smart people. It doesn't have people in it with a "Spine".

It is going after the moderates and attacking people who may not be conservative enough. When Your party's great thinkers are Sarah Palin,Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity and Glen Beck well you know you got issues.

Anonymous said...

To John:

You really just want a One Party State since in essence that is what you are saying: no doubt with the racist Magic Negro in charge along racist organizations like the NAACP, ADL, LARAZA etc.

'White peoples greed in a world of need'

This is too funny Obongo the chimp with Palin the bimbo. A match made in Heaven.
For some reason a lot of black guys seem not that attracted to black females instead they seem to have the hots for white females like, Anthony and his desire to fuck Palin.

John said...

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT? That would be so easy just having one party run everything. In my post I never mention that nor do I wish that. I would like to see a lot of parties vying for public offices in state,local and federal elections.

Your post are racist and just really stupid as hell. This is the norm with a total asshole like you.

The only people that are talking revolution are the rightwing wacko's that listen to the likes of Beck,Limbaugh and Hannity. You want a revolution but you just talk shit or blog it in this forum but your not a real revolutionary because you won't put it all on the line when it matters.

Here is a tip for you "cave-dweller". Stay on the facts on my above post and quit going into rants that your a victim cause your white. It is so OLD!!!!