Friday, November 06, 2009

No Tragedy Is Bad Enough That The Right Wing Can"t Exploit it Right?

We have all heard the news of the tragedy in Texas. My thoughts go out to the families. I come from a military family and I know their pain. It seems like an Army psychiatrist(if you can believe that shiggity) went postal and have shot at least 11 army soldiers. Oh hell this just in....There was a shooting in an office building in Orlando Florida some moments ago. They are looking for a suspect by the name of Jason Rodriguez(sounds possibly Hispanic) Don't worry the Palinista's will turn his ass in to a muslim by the end of the day.I am sure since he is hispanic they will not say this was s Catholic terrorist....But I digress, Well, just as I have been predicting.. the right wing is already turning this Fort Hood tragedy into a terrorist attack. Now keep in mind the Army has already said that there is no evidence of terrorism. The shooter was born in America. But remember the facts are still coming and hey if your Rusty Humphery or any other rat toothed rightwing host..hell facts do not matter..let the lying begin. Now remember he has an Islamic name....GUILTY! He is Jordanian..oh hell he is really GUILTY now! Couple this with some allegations of yelling something Arabic(doesn't matter what he is actually saying)as long as its Arabic sounding, we can turn that in to something like....long live Allah(you know something scary like that) while shooting and hell you got yourself a bonafide manufactured terrorist attack
that makes the fascist dogs mouths water. Now watch as they try to tie it to Obama.
Meanwhile the thinking people will wait until the facts come in. Keep in mind that you have military soldiers who kill other soldiers and their families all the time and they are christian...just saying.


Anonymous said...

She said that at a class presentation by public health students, at which topics like dry cleaning chemicals and house mold were discussed, Hasan talked about U.S. military actions as a war on Islam. Hasan made clear he was a "vociferous opponent" of U.S. wars in Muslim countries, Finnell said.

"He made himself a lightning rod for things," she said. "No one picked on him because he was a Muslim."

At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades.

The military has been turned into a PC cesspool.

This guy was a AA pick: Must increase Diveristy at all cost.

Rodriguez worked on drawings in the firm's transportation group, but his supervisors said his performance was not up their standards, and when he did not improve, he was fired. The company did not hear from him again.

Update: It's now being reported that this attack was carried out by a Muslim-American U.S. soldier. Unforgivable, craven and cowardly, for which I'm sure he'll be court-martialled, if not executed.
That is, if he's a real GI.
If Muslim-American soldiers will put their loyalty to "Islam" above their loyalty to their country, then Washington, we have a problem and these people will have to be weeded out of the military!

John said...

It seems the military dropped the ball on Major Hasan. I agree 100% with you Anonymous on that. When someone is deployed oversees in a combat zone well I think belief in the mission is important factor to if one should be sent overseas. Also he was in the officer's corp so his views and his mental health should have been constantly looked at.

Of course it just wasn't the case that at Fort Hood their has been 75 to 80 deaths from suicide from guys comming back from overseas missions in Iraq. It couldn't be that Hasan or a non christan soilder is harrassed for just being in the military. Because in the military we have dealt with racism and sexism it just doesn't exist in any factor.

The point is that the rightwing will milk this till the milk is out of the cow tit. It's already's Obama's fault and already we have the looney tunes of the rightwing wanting to go after every muslim in the military.