Friday, November 06, 2009

The Stupidity Is Starting.

"The joys of diversity...

Islam the Religion of peace...

Hahahahaha now that is funny as hell.

President Obongo: Don't bother me I have to stand in front of my mirror and admire myself."

-A Palinista pretending not to notice he is being full of shit and stupid(as usual)concerning the shooting In Texas. He believes that it was motivated solely by the fact the shooter was a muslim.

Well I am sure he also believes in fairies and elves and aliens from outer space too. Don't you get tired of all these stupid idiots out there making snap decisions having no facts present. Here are some links to some good ole examples of CHRISTIAN TERRORISM.......go to these links and also click on the title to posting. Remember..any accusations the stupid crowd throws on this shooter's religion, just apply the same logic to any christian terrorist who ever shot anybody at work or blown up clinics or killed their families.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't assume that everyone that post on your sorry blog is male, but being a misogynistic pig you simply rut to your own nature. Plus you try a slight of hand at morale equivalency which really means you have no actual morals. I realize that being a liberal makes you weak minded and easily led by a charismatic fascist like Obongo, but I have a low opinion of Palin. I would never support her just for being a woman unlike you Acorn carbon copies. If Palin became President Goddess help us all, pigs like you would suddenly start talking about a village losing its number one idiot. But since your ‘boy’ is President we have to respect him. If the shooter had been a white male Christians you and other fascist leftists' would have been smacking your lips with glee but since the shooter is a non white murderous Muslim we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you should become a Muslim and move to Iran where you can live in freedom and justice.

John said...

Reason Logic and Accountability never applies to some people that blog on this site.

Miss or Mr. the point is that this is a tragedy no matter who did it. When a mass shooting is done like this we all want to know why. I get nervous when religous people use the dogma of their faith to justify a act of violence.

Funny when you try to point this out you get called a facist lefty or un-american. Gee Miss or Mr. that is so "micheal weiner (savage)"

No one is gonna renounce their american citizenship and move to a islamic country. That would be to easy because if smart people who disagee with you leave then the USA will become real stupid and folks like us want to change that.

"GET A CLUE Please"""