Saturday, August 15, 2009

Banned Ad Was A Fake!

Now this commercial turned out to be a fake. It's not an actual Sprite ad or commissioned by Sprite or Coca Cola(owner of Sprite).Its not even in German. It was shot in America the actors spoke english and it was done by a director as a"video spec" joke. But you know it still makes me want a Sprite for some reason.
I personally like this ad the chick was hot and could brush up on her techniques a little. Plus I know the racists will have their own twisted view of this ad. Now I personally think that kids should not view this commercial(if it was a real one). But I also think kids should not be viewing violence on television either. The funny part is how these uptight hosts are so trying to play the moral card here. Never trust anyone who does that. Both of them I am sure has done some freaky deaky in the dark. Look how they try to act so squirmy and puritanical here. Give her some liquor and trust me the party will be on. The way I see it,if you have ever engaged in any of these acts,oral sex,spraying in a woman's face, or if your a woman taking it in the face.. Then shut the hell up ok and stop pretending that what you saw disgusts you. Please no double standards allowed.. One standard will do just fine..This America sex sells! Now where is that Sprite?

OK OBAMAGIRL AD ONE MORE TIME! (oh I love this ad).

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