Friday, August 21, 2009

Jon's The Man!

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Again folks I can't stress enough the act of presenting just the facts to these nutjobs on the fringe. As you can see that's exactly what Jon Stewart does with Betsy McCaughey(R-Lying Ass Witch)She lied about the Clinton Health care bill now she is lying about the Obama bill(big surprise). I love how Stewart refutes her so wonderfully then her response is to thumb through the book and find some page and reads it then pulls a different meaning right out of her ass despite what's really written there.The funny thing is she also tries to appear to be an objective researcher. The concept that McCaughey seems to be unable to get her head around -- or that she believes she can manipulate voter opinion over the idea of adherence in end-of-life planning. She seemed to clearly indicate that she thought "adhering" to a living will means that the patient can't change his/her mind at any time during the course of his/her life; that once it's written, you've had your one crack and there are no do overs" This is, in a word, is F**cking crazy, because the truth is:

a) A living will only goes into effect once a patient is permanently incapacitated to the extent that no amount of medical care will bring the patient back into a state where they can proffer consent to attempt further life-saving procedures.

b) When the bill talks about adherence, this refers to the medical professionals adhering to the instructions in the living will, including, as Stewart points out again and again, adhering to any calls for "life sustaining medical procedures."

McCaughey insists at one point during this interview that the proof of her claims can be seen in the fact that the section in question was stripped from the bill. They took it out! THIS HAS TO HAVE BEEN A DASTARDLY PLOT, FOILED BY BETSY MCCAUGHEY. Yes. That must have been it.

Also: she believes that the government has a grand plan to literally end the lives of senior citizens. SURELY, THIS PLAN IS FOOLPROOF.

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Anonymous said...

There are four bills and a fifth one no one knows the final form 'the bill' will take. But to try and say that the Public Option will not damage or destroy the Private Health Care Sector is silly it will do that long term. Sure in the end like in England with Single Payer you can still go to private doctors, clinics you had best have money to do so. The problem here in the states is that we have too many unhealthy people that do nothing to improve their health instead they expect government to save them from in many cases bad choices they made. I have a friend whom met a girl that had gone to rehab three times and she was just under thirty: meth-head, alcoholic, no teeth and getting ready to get dental implants cost around 20K that she wasn’t going to have to pay for. 30 days in rehab each time at a cost of about 1K for each day…you do the math. Or how about this case:

This last case illustrates the point that illegals will be helped in these bills if not directly certainly indirectly.

Notice the following about non citizens that Demos keep saying are Americans when they are not Americans: The next big push by Demos is to make the millions of illegals here legal knowing that they will vote Democratic giving Demos a lock on power essentially making the US One Party Rule.

Klepto the Clown

John said...

Betsy McCaughey got her ASS handed to her by Jon Stewart. She was FIRED by one of the firms she repesented today 8/21. Gee think it had to do with her performance on "The Daily Show"???

Yes there are a lot of bills on healthcare. Some deals with the single payer and some don't. I keep wondering where is the REPO's
plan on healthcare??? I know they have none. (REPO's/Republicans)

There is chronic misinformation out on this bill. But our current healthcare system is in dire need of reform. I'm sorry but I find it funny that the current health insurance providers keep raising the premiums on individuals. I also find it funny if you have a chronic condition they can turn off any your coverage anytime they feel like it. Something is fishy in Denmark so to speak!!!!!.

Americans do make bad choices I agree. We eat stupid things,dont exercise,believe strange things like Jews are evil and they run the world,listen to Rush Limbaugh and think that he is a journalist... Yes we are a bunch of fucking morons!!!!

I think big business need to held accountable and I think the health care companies are taking advantage of the insured and it will affect our country down the line if we don't do nothing about it.

As for Nonresident aliens.. That isn't the same thing as illegal alien. A nonresident alien has visa.(that means they are legally in the country with a visa!!!) In the HC bill the provision is consistent with the law that deal with govering tax treatment of non resident aliens.