Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tase Me Punk,,Ok Now Tase Me Again!!

Okay folks I just heard about this and have carefully reviewed the tape. Let me point out that there is differences between this case and the Gates case.Those differences being that there was no video present and the officer was less than honest in his report. Now in this case there is video to study. Now certain people will try to make a racial point out of both of these instances....and say that I am being a racist. Well any fair minded person who read my Gates/Crowley postings would not come away with that conclusion. That's because they are smart and the other guy is a huge racist dumb ass(but I don't mean that in a bad way).Did you listen to the lawyers flimsy explanation, it sounded very contrived he knows this a thin case. Also it seems that this lady wants some money that's why they are pursuing this civilly because the preponderance of evidence is less in a civil trial vs criminal,one deals with crimes the other torts.

Ok,first of all I am very familiar with police procedure and that gives me an interesting perspective. First of all,there is no such thing as a "routine traffic stop". Each stop is potentially dangerous,because when you get stopped by a cop. The civilian knows who they are dealing with(police). But the police are at a disadvantage, because they do not know if that person has just killed someone or on their way to do so or if they are a violent individual. So keep this in mind. Missouri State Trooper Brashears conducted a traffic stop and as he got out of his vehicle the suspect exited his vehicle and opened fire. Hitting the Trooper in the chest point blank at least eight times. Luckily Brashears was wearing his ballistic vest. He survived. The suspect was on his way to kill his boss.

Well back to our story. The officer observes her speeding in excess of the posted limit she also appeared to be talking on her cell phone(a legal no no in New York) according to the officer. This established what we will call "probable cause" to initiate a traffic stop. Now according to the lady's own story the officer conducted himself professionally up until the point to where she handed him the license then he turns to walk back to his vehicle then she gets out of her car to follow him....(the tape clearly shows this but cuts to when he turns around to meet her)ok right here the dynamic changes. She should have stayed in her vehicle. She claims she wanted to see the tape of her speeding...ok point of fact depending on the dept,the officer does not have access to the tape. And point two maybe she meant to say she wanted to see the radar gun(just sayin).Now she claimed she got out of her car to see the tape. Now take a moment here to think about what the cop is thinking...he just turned his back and now this person gets out of her car..this could be interpreted as a sign of aggression.He does not know if she has a weapon or what her intentions are. The cop clearly in the video points her back to her vehicle and he seems to be mouthing for her to get back in the car or as its known as a "verbal command". She just stands there not moving or as its called"passive resistance". So many cops have been killed before on seemly innocuous traffic stops such as these, whether there are kids in the car or not! The officer knew this and that's why when she went back into the car due to her previous behavior he may have feared she was going for a weapon and decided to arrest her on the spot. He pulled his taser(looked like an X-26 model taser,great taser btw) to get her to comply and when he perceived that she did not comply he discharged it until she did. So each cop has his or her own way of doing their duties. Also depending on the depts taser policy will decide if the cop was in compliance. The problem I see with the tape is that she did not move towards the officer"active aggression" after he turned around. She produced no weapon and seemed to pose no threat other than being difficult,then he produces the taser then tasers her in a speeding and phone violation stop. This is probably why the DA dropped those disorderly charges. The whore media does not break down stories in that fashion. It just sells more papers to say "cop tasers mom in front of kids". Boo Hoo! The Sheriff dept will settle out of court and the lady will get some money and the officer will probably get written up. If the media pressure is great then he might get suspended and terminated.

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The cop crossed the line but what else do you expect? I am going to make this a race issue because that is what it is though few people will see it that way. Point in case is that white males have been under assault in this country at least since 64. Not to say that there weren't just grievances but the point is that white males are and have been made escape goats. Please spare me the ironic comeback. I have said it again and I will repeat it this recovery had better produce some results that don’t leave a lot of white guys out. God or Satan help you all if we pull the plug here. Some of us are straight up psycho bat shit crazy. Don’t take this like some kind of threat it is not. It is just my opinion and knowing the white male brain.

Klepto the Clown