Monday, August 03, 2009

This Is How A Whipping Is Handed Out!

I love to watch this. Watch Elizabeth get her butt handed to her and discover she is out of her league. Plus she spews this lie about the techniques were approved. Jesse did right by saying by whom? Well, I will tell you by whom. The people that wanted to water board in the first place approved the techniques of waterboarding(isn't that amazing)? Elizabeth you are such an idiot. But you look good and that's all your worth honey. Now I have a question to all of you water boarding people. If it works then how come Khalid Sheik Muhhammad, who was close to Bin Laden and had information on him.and talked to him all the time. Why did we have to water board him 183 times if it works so well? Why so many times? Because he claimed he lied to stop the torture and would say anything. So my point is, if its so effective, then how come we have not found Bin Laden yet despite the fact we have his number 2 guy? I will wait for answers. Also watch how he smacks up the Fox News people. Watch Kilmeade walk out like the beat wimp that he is. This how you do it folks,they don't debate fairly, so you have to intellectual stomp these guys in to the ground.

Meanwhile enjoy this intellectual whipping!!!

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