Saturday, August 15, 2009

Read Up On What?(Hooked On Phonics Worked For Me!)


The guy in the center,his sign says it all. People are so stupid, its really stunning. Look at those other idiots sign...what nerve? Am I the only one who listened in American government classes in school? Am I the only guy who listened to the tour guide when I visited DC to see the Capitol? Well I guess I am,because if you turn on tv or radio it's the same thing. Congress does not read the bills. You had Senators waving around a thick pad of documents claiming no one has read them.(that's only half right).I heard a guy on radio mocking a congressman who said "they have not read it but they know whats in it". Why has this country gone bat shit stupid?...Well a third of the country is fucking bat shit. So that explains some and another portion is Palinesque stupid. Now these new "fundamentalist conservatives" are not that bright and that's why that idiot thought medicare was not socialized medicine. The whore media also plays a part because no one mentions the facts unless it's by accident.

But I will. Now first of all when congress comes up with a bill, they all go back and write their section of it.Then they hold a presentation of the bill.Since each congressmen wrote a section they now have to give a presentation of their particular section to congress and then it goes around to each congressman who wrote a piece of it. Then they give their presentation. So now everyone in congress has heard the bill via the presentation. But no one has read it, but they know what's in it..Get it?
So the republican politician who was waving the documents saying no one has read it was telling a half truth and doing political theater. So the next time you hear that crap just remember you do not have to be smart to be a neo con. Oh BTW these town hall disruptions from these astro turfers. Just keep in mind that political parties have been doing this to each other for years(I mean what do you think Cindy Sheehan was doing)the leftwingers threw pies at Ann Coulter and others shouted them down. They also disrupted GOP gatherings. The Gop went after them and called them un american and fox news went after them also. So all the republicans are doing is reversing the tables..The only real difference being that the right wing are fucking stupid. But now the republicans are now the disrupters. So all of a sudden it's no longer unAmerican to protest or scream down the other side.I just thought that media would help in educating these saps. But then again the media doing education that's like Fox News doing honest journalism. Remember folks extremists on either side or dangerous and stupid!


Anonymous said...

The black guy: right on my brother from another mother.

John said...

Bills also go through a venting process in diffrent committees. What you might get in the house may be diffrent than in the senate.
I think a lot of americans are ignorant of the process because they think a bill should be simple to read.

Historian Joesph Wheelan just put out a book on John Quincy Addams years in congress titled "Mr. Addams's Last Crusade" subtitled "John Quincy Addams Extraordinary Post Presidental Life In Congress" I suggest that people read it because it wasn't simple to put out legislation back then and it went through committee hearings and floor fights in congress. I guess the moral is its not as easy as one think to write a bill.

Its ok to protest anything but I find it disturbing when in a town hall meeting a congressman should be allowed to report what is going on in congress to his or her constituents. So people can be heard and not screamed down. A lot of these morons come outside of those districts so they have no intrest only in disruption of the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Well John, you might have a point about people shouting down speakers but that has been a key weapon that liberals have used for decades when people they don't like try and speak at universities. Take the sub prime meltdown liberals were at the heart of that as they forced lending institutions to lower loan requirements to increase minority home ownership. The ‘left’ cannot claim any morale high ground.

John said...


I'm not crazy about liberals shouting down speakers on college campuses.(Hell I'm not crazy when the right does it either.) Our univesities are areas where diverse people come to learn and debate issues. I always believe it is a strong free speech zone. But I always find it funny that a lot of the so-called rightwing intellectuals like Ann Coulter,Michelle Malkin and David Horowitz rant about free speech for conservatives but want to take it away from liberals on college campuses. Hypocrisy??? I think so.

Get your facts straight on the sub prime mess. Yes demo's pushed for homeownership for poor people but what isn't said is that the repo's had control of both the house and senate. Also, Republicans like Phil Grahmn drafted legislation that deregulated the banking industry/mortgage companies so there was no protection for the consumers.(This was a problem that was ownwd by both parties because the demo's pushed deregulation to and I'm sorry but goverment main purpose in my book is to be responsible to the citizens and not the big business....)

Anonymous said...

This is too funny an Obongo supporter can't find his shoe. God, it is just too funny.

Click on the clip it is worth watching. It is not running on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Philip J. Berg

The guy that started the birthers just happens to be a Jew. Imagine that. Just another Jew trying to make conservatives look bad.

Anonymous said...

I heard Berg on the radio couple nights back on the Rusty show and he stated that he is a card carrying member of the NAACP and a life long Democrat. He also stated that he is white. But why would he then try and prove that Obongo isn't qualified to be President knowing that if that were to be the case all Hell would break lose here in the states. It doesn’t add up: the only logical path I can go down is that he his trying to make conservatives look dumber than they already are like other liberal Jews in the media; ue was like the Neocons around Bush many of them being Jews. They succeeded in getting rid of a threat to Israel, sitting up bases there and in Afghanistan for the attacks against Iran the bigger threat to the Jewish state; the disastrous conflict in Iraq did little to advance US security interest but did do major damage to conservatives here in the states the only group that could stand up to the liberal Jewish manipulation of the society that wants to turn the US basically into one giant New York.

Klepto the Clown

Anonymous said...

The guy in the center holding up the sign is probably an Obongo supporter and a Jew.

Marcus said...

Blaming the jews makes you look so smart.

LeeAnn said...

It pisses me off that people like this woman, whos tactics range from twisting the facts to bold faced lying, are actually winning this battle right now.
Obama has proven time and time again that he is a slow-playing cool customer. However, I'm really getting worried on Healthcare. It's being watered down and bullshitted away. It appears to be slipping right through his fingers. I hope I'm wrong.


LeeAnn said...

BTW- I just read through the comments here...Who the hell are these racists clowns Anthony? Clearly no one that has met you in person. I'd love to be there should you cross paths someday!