Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does Redux

You have to give it to Franken he sure knows how to put his point across.
Remember how the Sotomayor hearings went down? First of all I am many ways can these neo cons ask the two same questions?(Fire dept and the wise latina remark)I mean they never listed the actual facts of that firemans case. Which btw they have never had a problem with that remark when she was confirmed the other time
I mean it was so boring. Franken has the GOP so scared that they only kept playing his Perry Mason quip from the hearings on radio and Fox News in an endless loop because the rest of what he said scared them shitless!The funny part is that you have to ignore all the facts to see things the way these dummies saw them. Now we all know what facts are don't we? Facts are what the "wimps" are afraid to list and they are what republicans fear most.Let me give you an example of some facts that congressional "wimps" are afraid to talk about and the GOP fears shitless.

Sotomayor's record: You see the only thing they can bring up are those two items..Why you may ask? Because if they did bring up her record they would learn as others did that she is no liberal and has sided with white guys majority of the time. Well you can't have that getting out there especially with Jeff Sessions(R-Hypocrite racist) who has ties to the KKK and is on record stating that they are a great organization.Having the nerve to call or assume or to imply that Sotomayor is a racist.Hell those racists know their own kind.I know some idiots love to bring up Robert Byrd(D) who is a former klansman and btw is on record stating that it was a mistake and he deeply regrets it.

Obama's Birth Certificate: Now I have written extensively on this subject and this is just plain stupid. These dumb asses are so stupid who can believe this even for a second? I guess they should also believe the earth is flat and in fairies and the Lochness monster and etc.. Why can't these bigots just say I am not comfortable with this black man in office. I am insecure in my whiteness and I feel my kind and I should keep running the world and we are more comfortable with you darkies and other minorities in a lesser role. We don't really mean that crap about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps(whites only). Here is what they really want to say "Why don't you coloreds just know your place because now we have to go out on a limb and make up this extreme belief to be acceptable to society and we are having problems doing it you damn coloreds.Its hard making this shit up, I mean Lou Dobbs,any Fox news person(except O'reilly and I was shocked too)convicted felon G.Gordon Liddy(this guy subverted the constitution) and of course every whacko religious nutcase.

Sarah Palin was qualified: This one does not even warrant a reponse.

Leowen Group: I hope I spelled this one correctly. This organization has been referenced in every Gop speech I have heard since this health care situation started. From Gingrich to Limbaugh. They claimed it is an independent think thank non partisan..........Riiiight! Okay here is what your friendly neighborhood Anthony found out. The Leowen group is really part of an insurance company called United Health Group(that has given lots of money to republicans, partisan my ass)which has a subsidiary called the Leowen Group. Remember United Health Group was the same company who defrauded their customers(Look it up). Wow its great to see the GOP looking out for the little people.

Hypocrisy: Although you do see this on both sides. It is the GOP who has no shame when it comes to hypocrisy. Anytime a "wimp"gets caught with his penis in a woman or having an affair. The Gop puts on their Jesus shirts and scream family values and rule of law and impeachment. But when these little liars get caught doing the same thing. You immediately realize that the slogans were all just a joke and they don't want to hear impeachment and rule of law. They just ignore it and hopes it goes away and minimize it. These guys are such a joke. They have no honor, no integrity, no morals. Plus they use religion as a theater prop.


Anonymous said...

Why not just get it over with and have one Party Rule like they have in successful African Countires.

What were the Republicans supposed to do just bend over and take it in the ass. Let Obongo and his chimp crew do whatever they want.

I mean Christ, we might as well all move to Zimbabwe and get it over with.

What are white guys supposed to Dems that dump on us every chance they get?

Anonymous said...

Sotomayor's comments if made by a white guy up for what she was up for would have been shot down before even being considered and you know it.

We are becoming a society where everything is based on quotas and a strong arm centalized government to enforce the quotas. Speech Laws are on their way here like they have in Europe.
The problem is that we are losing our edge in the US as we become Second Tier country on our way to Third Tier.

Evil Genius Anthony said...

I white guy did make those remarks. But you Gop'ers just ignored as usual

Anonymous said...

And what white guy that was up for Supreme Court pick made comments like hers' and was passed onto the job.

I had heard of some Republican white guy that made some comment like hers and then was deined the position he was shooting for.

Face it the most racists bigoted people in the US are non white males and Jews. (not white)