Monday, August 03, 2009

Gay Exorcism?.....Really!...No Shit!!

First Bobby Jindal's crazy exorcism in college. Then Palin's crazy nutty ass with her witch doctor church,Catholic priest tag teaming little boys, scientologists and their crazy beliefs. I even think dog psychology was a little out there(still do),water-dowsing,alien abduction,the birthers,crazy Tracey, Fox News. But this takes the cake(check please). Now we have this video from Pastor Patricia Mckinney(nutjob)church in New England. This is a video of a gay exorcism, huh?.... F**KING GAY EXORCISM!!!....I had to repeat that because I am kind of sane. Now keep in mind I thought that the gay rehab the reverend Ted Haggard(Bush buddy)went to in Colorado was a joke(you know,give us 30 days and we will take away the cock) This is so sad and is a testament to how religion can make you stupid and can bring on mental illness. I will say, nothing is more terrible and sad than the persecution of gays through politics or religion in our society. We deny them marriage and adoption in some cases. Science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can be born homosexual. There should never be any shame attached to that at all. Religion and ignorance makes it shameful. No amount of praying or writhing around on the ground will change that fact(look at Catholic priests). This video I found very disturbing but I will let you make up your own mind.


Marcus said...

Having faith doesn't seem to help you from being batshit nuts. Sometimes, late at night, after Comedy Central goes to Girls Gone Wild commercials- I like to flip to BET and watch the crazy Pastor Kerney, he sells red rags. There is no level of stupidity out of reach to the blindly faithful.

Anonymous said...

No more KFC for that kid. That stuff will drive you nuts. Demons and shit like that does exist for some people...poor folks.

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